Will SMR projects be a game changer?

Today’s topic is a revolution in the energy sector - an innovative nuclear reactor design capable of playing a key role in the energy transition. This revolution is the ‘Small Modular Reactors’ or SMRs for short. These are in fact small nuclear reactors that provide between 50 to 300 megawatts of electricity.

Currently, there are around 70 projects taking place around the world at various stages of development, with some models potentially available as early as 2030. According to the OECD’s Nuclear Energy Agency, these mini-reactors could account for up to 10% of the world’s nuclear production by 2040. SMRs could meet the needs of isolated regions, in countries with less-developed electricity grids or whose financial capacities would make large reactors too costly. It is the place of SMR in today's and tomorrow's world that we will discuss in this episode.

Blassel Benoît

Benoît Blassel

Business Unit Director - New Build France at Assystem

Roy Laurence

Laurence Roy

Technical director and project manager for SMR

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