3D immersive technologies and tools


Immersive technologies are innovative, collaborative tools that can be used to support the design and validation of projects and support the operation and maintenance of your facilities. These tools offer a modern, fun approach to training teams in real-life conditions, thanks to increasingly realistic simulations.

Aligned with industry 4.0 philosophies, 3D immersive technologies and tools respond to the challenges of industrial transformation, including:

  • Return on investment
  • Optimisation and performance
  • New training methods
  • Restructuring work methods and processes
  • Knowledge sharing : Discover the point of view

Global offer

Assystem offers solutions to guarantee data security compatibility with:

  • Virtual Reality applications
  • Augmented Reality applications
  • 3D or 360 animations

With its expertise in digital technologies and decades of engineering experience, Assystem plays a significant role in the development of immersive tools: from the framing phase and the expression of needs, through scenario drafting, right through to the design of an interactive, ergonomic, and intuitive interface.


Virtual reality recreates a 360 immersive environment to help anticipate the challenges and opportunities in the design phase. It also complements traditional training by providing enhanced monitoring and evaluation. Virtual reality can be used to offer a wide range of scenarios that can be configured to suit all types of situations.

Assystem’s virtual reality applications offer:

  • Training tools tailored to the skills required by our clients using gamification (serious game, escape game)
  • Dynamic simulation of field operations for regulatory accreditations
  • Ergonomic validation to confirm the location of equipment and detect clashes
  • Knowledge transfer tools to enhance future projects

The benefits of virtual reality:

  • Simulate working conditions as close as possible to the real environment
  • Practice business procedures and gestures
  • Create an infinite number of risk-free situations, including emergencies

Depending on our customers' needs (educational targets and purposes), this solution can be applied to a wide range of digital platforms (computer, tablet, VR headset, etc.), online or offline.


Augmented reality combines virtual spaces and elements with real-world, operational environments. It provides the opportunity to test theories and improve production methods by superimposing a piece of equipment, a machine, or a 3D infrastructure in the real world.

Assystem’s solution provides several augmented reality applications:

  • Implementation assistance and validation to accurately position 3D models on the equipment to be inspected, based on an existing environment
  • Support for inspection and maintenance operations thanks to as-built visualisation of the 3D model
  • Remote team design review using real-time shared visualisation
  • Prepare for operations by replaying work instructions to ensure safe operations
  • Creation of assisted assembly ranges with real-time localisation on real components

Benefits of augmented reality:

  • Make it easier to understand installations
  • Improve overall coordination of work and inspection times
  • Increase traceability of work

We have developed Holoreka, a customised control and maintenance assistant for augmented reality.


3D or 360 animated videos can be used to train operational teams, demonstrate the feasibility of technical operations, present future projects, or event to support project managers at events. Based on in-situ surveys, plans or CAD files, Assystem's teams create end-to-end animations delivered using the technology best suited to the customer's needs: via virtual reality headset or PC.

Our teams help clients master the modelling of their buildings and technical installations using photogrammetry, 2D plans or 3D scanners.

3D animations offer the following benefits:

  • Master all 3D tools and software
  • Respect the validation process with the customer
  • Jointly draft the scenarios
Our years of experience in the field, combined with the expertise of our game designers, computer graphics artists, and developers, enables us to offer our customers innovative digital tools. Thanks to the wide range of skills our teams provide, we can carry out all the stages in the creation of a project in-house, from the identification of customer needs, through the development of tailor-made scenarios, right up to the final delivery of the applications.
Didier DUFFULER AR/VR Business Manager at Assystem

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