Faced with climate change and increasing electricity demand worldwide, we firmly believe that engineering has a central role in accelerating the global energy transition.

As an independent engineering firm, we are leveraging our expertise and experience in complex infrastructure projects to support the advancement of low-carbon energy: the development of nuclear and renewable power plants, the renovation of electricity networks, the production of low-carbon hydrogen for transport and industry, and the development of decarbonised rail transport.

Against an increasingly complex and regulated industry backdrop, our support ensures the success of our customers’ projects in line with their requirements and the challenges they face: optimal delivery, safety and compliance, competitiveness, and ethical concerns.


More than 55 years’ experience in the provision of industrial infrastructure, engineering services and complex project management, regardless of size, technological content, or safety/security requirements

We help contractors mitigate risks during project definition and deliver a framework for stakeholder relationships: architect engineers, engineering companies, builders, operators, and independent regulatory organisations.

A smart engineering offer at the service of the energy transition and industrial performance

We support our customers from the preliminary stages, from supervising construction to the commissioning and operation of their industrial infrastructures to ensure the safe construction of their installations on time and within budget.

To achieve this, we provide consulting and project management services to our clients, offering reporting, design and service support matched to the project’s safety and security requirements.


Flexible, full-lifecycle approach, integrating all project stages
Long-standing experience in complex and highly regulated sectors
Digital expertise at the heart of our engineering methodologies, contributing productivity and efficiency, including risk management throughout the project to avoid impacts on planning and costs
Strong safety, security, and regulatory culture, making us an integral part of the nuclear, defence, transport and other complex sectors
Digitalisation of engineering processes: platform integration and PLM/PMS solutions, project management and analysis
Proven experience in implementation to facilitate project adoption and approval of commercial rollout
Strong methodology culture, reflected in our project management and systems engineering expertise
Global presence and international mobilisation capacity
Our mission is to design or support projects to develop low-carbon electricity and its uses (hydrogen, transport, etc.).

In doing so, Assystem’s teams support customers at every stage of the project lifecycle.
Thomas Branche SVP Engineering

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Nuclear engineering goes digital

The current issue is to implement a new, interoperable, pooled data repository in order to ensure better project management and imagine new approaches to operation and maintenance.

Robert Plana
Chief Technology Officer
Robert Plana

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