Today, electricity production is responsible for 40% of the world's CO2 emissions because more than 60% of it is produced from fossil fuels. There is an urgent need to switch and act to decarbonise our electricity by adopting low-carbon production methods, using low-carbon electricity supplies in place of fossil fuels whenever possible. 

Given the scale of this energy transition, Assystem firmly believes that nuclear energy must be part of the solution. This has been our focus for more than 55 years, supporting the development of nuclear programmes throughout the world while controlling nuclear risks through the development of a strong safety culture 

We have broadened our position in nuclear energy by aligning our business with other energy transition technologies: production of renewable energies, renovation of electricity networks, and development of new applications for this electricity, such as the production of low-carbon hydrogen or the development of electrified rail transportation. 


Faced with the urgency of climate change, we firmly believe that raising awareness about this necessary energy switch, among our employees and our stakeholders, is a priority. Common understanding of the causes behind climate change and the energy transition is key to stepping up the actions required. 

For this purpose, we regularly communicate on these topics, both internally and externally, highlighting the importance of our role in developing and distributing low-carbon electricity, as well as the pivotal role of nuclear energy in the fight against climate change.

In this respect, we provide programmes to train and raise the awareness of our employees so that they can better grasp this issue.  

Unyielding in our determination to act as a responsible company, this approach is a mean of reinforcing the commitment of our employees, society, and public authorities to respond to one of the biggest challenges of our time: the fight against climate change.  


In its capacity as one of the world's leading independent engineering companies specialised in civil nuclear power and promoter of this energy switch, Assystem must set an example in the management of its greenhouse gas emissions. Our role is to act to significantly reduce our carbon footprint by integrating this issue into our way of working, and in the services that we provide.  

For this purpose, we implement tools to measure, analyse, and reduce the carbon footprint of our business and the services we provide to our customers. In addition, we are developing our digital capabilities to provide solutions using more efficient architectures, infrastructures, and IT designs that are less energy intensive. 

To adopt a trajectory that reduces our environmental impact, we are adapting our organisation and work environments, in particular travel and mobility uses and IT practices. 

We are developing circular economy practices designed to limit waste from our activities and increase the share of sustainable goods and services purchases.  

Our goal is to effectively and sustainably reduce our carbon emissions to safeguard the environment. This goal was recently materialised by our commitment to the SBTi (Science Based Target initiative) to establish a GHG emissions reduction trajectory geared towards the fulfilment of the objectives of the Paris climate agreement, which seeks to limit global warming to below 2°C. 

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