We work with client organisations and public authorities to provide consulting services supporting strategy, deployment, regulatory compliance, and stakeholder management in complex or large-scale projects. Our teams work on behalf of our clients worldwide, helping to make decisions with accurate and timely data to maximise the progress and performance of their projects.


A global presence with technical expertise dedicated to managing programmes

We support projects on a global scale with consulting services and technical expertise to structure and organise the development of their projects before the implementation phase.

This includes a range of strategic consulting services within different sectors and regions (such as nuclear, hydrogen etc) while also coordinating with public and private investors in these programmes.

Supporting our clients in decision-making to drive the development of their projects

  • International and local benchmarking: collecting data across stakeholders, technologies, etc.
  • Analysis, review, and coordination of potential users within the territory
  • Selection of appropriate system and technology options including a suppliers' assessment
  • Supply chain review (local commitment and existing elements to be used)
  • Analysis and anticipation of safety impact or other constraints: standards’ contribution & upgrade
  • Operational set up including values and culture model
  • Scale up and general business growth
  • Investment & business cases in coordination with technology providers, operators, users, IFI…

We can also offer advisory and consulting services across a project lifecycle through our project management and PMO services, find out more here.



Our multi-disciplinary teams have knowledge of all the technical, economic, and financial aspects of projects, so they can conduct in-depth assessments and offer investment consulting services as Lender Technical Advisor (LTA).

A comprehensive analytical methodology combining consulting with specific project support

  • Lender Technical Advisor: a comprehensive analytical methodology addressing project risks to achieve profitability for investors and to facilitate negotiations, with detailed recommendations to minimise risk and maximise added value. We work with the main international financial institutions and investment banks to guarantee compliance with local financial organisations around the world.
  • Pricing Analysis: structural and forecast pricing assessments by legal, technical, and financial experts.
  • Due Diligence: technical and financial assessment of the project, anticipation of permit and licensing requirements, assessment of operating costs in the procurement process, operation and maintenance, and review of technical and financial aspects of the project business model.


Delivery quality and continuous improvement at the heart of our approach

Thanks to our specialists, we provide a comprehensive service in terms of:

  • Consents Management: management of consents and regulatory requirements
  • Engagement Management: engagement and coordination with stakeholders

By following a holistic approach to the Consents process, we ensure that lessons learnt from the delivery end of a project are fed back into the pre-application phase of the next development, with a view to ensuring continuous optimisation.

We optimise this methodology by using digital tools.

Our 4 support phases:

1- The Pre-Application phase

It includes planning strategy, lead negotiations, EIA management/review, mitigation route map, due diligence and peer review, submission requirements, planning conditions drafting, DCO requirements, stakeholder engagement, consents identification, public communication & consultation, etc.

2- The Determination phase

It includes production of evidence for examination/inquiry, expert witness, complete negotiations and agreements with stakeholders, counsel & lawyers' instruction.

3- The Delivery & Commission phase

It includes all consents proactive management, discharge conditions/requirements, lead negotiations, collaborative work with major contractors, stakeholder engagement and clear communication with them.

4- The Feedback phase

It incorporates feedback and lessons learnt into next application.

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