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The issue of energy, specifically electricity production, has a key role to play in the fight against climate change. We are convinced that nuclear will be one of the main decarbonisation drivers of electricity production around the world. This will inevitably involve the development of new nuclear programmes.

To support the development of new nuclear energy capacity, controlling costs and lead times is key to supporting the development of new nuclear energy capacity, combined with safety, environmental and security issues.


Our range of locations, coupled with our customers’ global presence, enable us to manage all types of new programmes, covering all nuclear technologies, including:

  • EPR/EPR 2
  • PWR, all energies
  • VVER
  • Generation 4


Our services include:

  • Support for Architect Engineers: we assist Architect Engineers in managing their new build programmes while respecting International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) directives, from assessment of environmental and social impacts to the issuance of technological licences, to ensure effective monitoring of strategy and project requirements. We also act as an independent design authority on behalf of Architect Engineers
  • Support for Owner Engineers: on behalf of Owner Engineers, we provide independent engineering services for the technical aspects of new build projects: design work batches, project management monitoring, construction management and commissioning


  • Project launch and licencing
  • Engineering: siting, licencing and environmental services; design
  • Procurement, supply chain management and construction supervision
  • Testing/commissioning/operator transferring
  • Project management: PMC, PMO
  • Compliance, quality, risk and safety studies

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Safety culture in the nuclear industry – a constant priority

Safety culture reflects the concerted effort taken at all levels of management and execution to collectively ensure the safe operation of a facility. It is up to each individual to continually develop their own safety culture, rather than simply complying with regulatory imperatives.

Jean-François Bossu
Nuclear Risk Management Director
Jean-François Bossu


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