Digital Transformation consulting

With our expertise in engineering for major industrial projects and our experience in digitalising engineering and project management activities, we offer our customers advice and expertise for the digital transformation of their business information systems.

Context and challenges

Transforming our customers’ challenges into strategic and operational opportunities through digital technologies

Digital transformation provides producers and operators of energy, infrastructure, transport, and new cities with a powerful tool to implement the changes required to develop their industries and services.

Assystem manages the digital transformation of its customers’ assets, from the scoping, development, and integration phases through to application and operational maintenance.

Our approach

Digital transformation to benefit operating performance 

We firmly believe that the success of complex industrial projects requires the widespread adoption of digital technologies. As our customers’ trusted partner, we combine digital tools and methods to define and deploy a digital roadmap to benefit their operating performance. We attach particular importance to the return on investment – whether financial or operational – with regard to the costs and efforts involved.

Digital transformation is not something that can be improvised. The success of transformation projects relies on a thorough business and organisational review.

Our modular, flexible digital transformation approach includes the following services:

  • Audit & Consulting
  • Project Management Assistance (PMA) & Operational Steering Assistance (OSA)
  • Integration/Development
  • MOC/Third-party Application Maintenance


Assystem’s digital transformation approach benefits from feedback on the digital technologies deployed in our own engineering departments, such as our digital engineering and project management platforms, or technologies used to ensure data consistency, integrity, and security. This progressive process also draws on our innovation programme's research work.

Our expertise

Digitalisation des processus

Digitalisation of engineering processes and project management activities:

Optimising and streamlining the process by adopting data-centric engineering models and user-centric business models.



Digitalisation of field and site operations:

Simplifying mobility and de-materialising the business forms of industrial sites.

Assystem has developed a solution, SiteEXP, which helps our clients ensure regulatory compliance, simplify procedures, and enhance the performance of projects.

Learn more about our solution SiteEXP

architecture IT

IT architecture and governance:

Aligning the IT organisation, processes and infrastructures to ensure optimum data availability and relevance. Our approach enables our clients to inventory, urbanise, and manage the digital assets of their IT systems to ensure their optimal use and better support the business activities.



Anticipating and detecting cyber threats, assessing risks, designing and implementing secure information systems (for new works and renovation projects alike) to increase the resilience of equipment and systems to cyber threats.

accompagnement au changement

Change Management:

Facilitating the adoption of new tools by users to maximise business value and enhance control over the return on investment.

We support all users in managing change by gathering needs and delivering training, and through informative learning sessions that help increase adherence to new approaches. Our method is based on different levers that can be adapted to the company's culture, projects, and players.

Clients Benefits

  • Speed up the execution of the study and design phases
  • Implement extended enterprise to facilitate overall collaboration among the stakeholders
  • Control project complexity in terms of lead times and quality costs (Quality Cost Delivery - QCD)
  • Benefit from improved form of data governance that helps clients to capitalise on feedback via a patrimonial approach (in terms of data)
  • Obtain high-quality, structured data to promote reliable decision-making
  • Prompt new opportunities via business use cases
Digital technologies and data control are now essential to effectively manage the complexity of industrial projects. By drawing on our engineering expertise and know-how, we support our customers to capitalise on these new tools and obtain tangible results.
Sébastien PIEDLOUP Digital Transformation Services BU Director

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