Our activities in Saudi Arabia

Radicon started out in Saudi Arabia 30 years ago as a local engineering company. It now has offices in Tabuk, Riyadh, Al Khobar and Yanbu.

Assystem Radicon is supporting Saudi Arabia’s energy transition by carrying out design studies, site surveys, and construction supervision work. We address a wide range of customers, including public services such as municipalities and ministries, operators, etc.

Saudi Arabia plans to install a nuclear power generation capacity of 17GW. Radicon oversaw the site surveys and the delivery of the construction permit for Saudi Arabia’s first nuclear power plant, as well as carrying out studies to assess the plant's impact on the power grid.

Assystem Radicon's experts are also assisting Saudi Arabia with its ambition to produce 58GW of electricity from renewable sources, mostly photovoltaic, by 2040. We have also carried out site and impact studies for a solar plant with a capacity of 100 MW.

In addition, Assystem Radicon is contributing to several complex infrastructure projects essential to Saudi Arabia's development.

Assystem is the only company in Saudi Arabia to benefit from the class A environment engineering qualification.

years of experience in Saudia Arabia

Our offices

  • Al Khobar
    Assystem Radicon
    P.O. Box 684
    Al-Khobar 31952
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Phone: +966 3 895 4242
    Fax: +966 3 894 2122
  • Riyadh
    Assystem Radicon
    Road Business District, Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz
    King Khalid International Airport, Building 13
    Riyadh 13416
  • Tabuk
    Assystem Radicon
    Tabuk Business Center TBC
    Prince Mamduh Bin Abdul Aziz Street
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Yanbu
    Assystem Radicon
    P.O. Box 5827,
    Yanbu Industrial City 46451, KSA
    King Fahad Rd. Salman Al Farisi, Gate #2, 1st Floor, Office #8
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Phone: +966 3 895 4242


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