Context and challenges

As part of a large countrywide program, this client launched several projects to build community, industrial infrastructure and facilities in an industrial city. It included to plan, promote, develop and manage industrial activity through major partnerships with investors.

As part of this project, this client needed to ensure the performance of architectural and engineering design for the development of community / industrial infrastructure and public facilities in the city. It also included utilities and extensions to specified locations, upgrading facilities and modifications, expansion or extension of existing facilities, buildings and structures.

In this context, this client has appointed Assystem to perform design studies, tendering management and bring construction support. Assystem was invited to participate in this mega project due to the vast previous experience in similar sized efforts in other industrial cities.

Project scope

  • Provide engineering and architectural design services and executing tasks including, but not limited to:
    • Engineering and scoping studies, conceptual and detailed designs
    • Bid management (preparation of bid packages with request for proposal (RFP) documents, bid analysis, bidder query response, input on contract award and contract award recommendations, review of submittals)
    • Issue of construction documents with contribution of experts specialised in their respective technical fields and utilizing state-of-the-art computer software applications
    • Implement design modifications performed by other architect/engineers of record
    • On-site construction support, and other support services as required by this client for various projects related to design of infrastructure and public facilities in the community and industrial areas

Involvement of key technical specialists and other specialists from contractor's in-Kingdom or out-of-Kingdom associates, joint ventures, affiliates, partners or subsidiaries


  • Efficient coordination and communication with the client thanks to day to day interaction, with Assystem’s local office based at the project site
  • Fast track work and delivery on time and budget, thanks to fully dedicated teams
  • Comprehensive approach and providing « one shop stop » services to the client, thanks to Assystem international network - coordination between Assystem teams based in Saudi Arabia and other international Assystem locations


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