Design cryogenic plant ITER site

Design and construction management for a cryogenic plant on ITER site

Consulting IS Maintenance Operation nuclear

Consulting to the IS Maintenance and Operation Methods division of a nuclear operator

Virtual smoke test simulation
Life Sciences

"Virtual smoke test": Dynamic CFD simulation for a modular vaccine production building

Expert Talks

Vincent GENET Biotechnology Engineer, CEO - Assystem Care

Digitalizing compliance – a performance driver for the health and life sciences players

The use of digital solutions enhance industrial performance on compliance issues and also when it comes to managing multi-party projects, supervising work and equipment, and providing oversight...

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Robert PLANA Chief Technology Officer

Data science supporting industrial performance

Good understanding and use of data are excellent levers for performance and innovation in industry... And yet, industrial firms are lagging behind in the use of data science, due to a lack of internal expertise and poor structuring of their data.

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Eric DEVINGT Vice President Nuclear Engineering & Assystem Connect

BIM/PLM/Asset Information Hub, digital support for industrial asset management

In industrial environments, data management is a challenge requiring effective and optimised management of assets throughout their life cycle... The solutions will involve system engineering and digital tools.

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2019 Nuclear Safety Report

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