Expert Talks

Arzu Altay Project director in the entity in charge of providing site assessment and site characterisation services

Site characterisation, a crucial step, multiple expertises

Choosing a site to build a nuclear power plant is a highly complex and strategic issue that requires extensive studies to assess the safety, environmental impact and feasibility of the project.
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Victor Richet Head of Digital - Inde

Digital Twin: a winning equation for the nuclear industry

The digital twin concept is a major advance in Industry 4.0, helping us to meet the challenges of developing complex systems, optimising costs, increasing productivity, and improving safety.
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Franck LAROUDIE Expert in equipment qualification

Equipment qualification: a major factor both for new builds and maintenance programmes in the nuclear industry

A command of the qualification process is essential to ensure lead times and costs. The qualification can be managed directly by the nuclear operator or subcontracted to the equipment supplier.
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