defence predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance for a processing machine in the defence sector

Redesign PMIS Planisware

Redesign of PMIS Planisware and TPAM for an R&D new energy center

solution data science projets nucléaires

Data science solution to extract and rationalize requirements of nuclear projects

Expert Talks

Hervé CLUZEAUD Head of CSV-DI / Assystem Care

Using blockchain and data integrity to ensure the safe production of drugs

Blockchain offers a unique opportunity to provide stronger assurance about the authenticity and traceability of the data that underpins the safety of medical drugs and patients' healthcare.

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Robert PLANA Chief Technology Officer

Data science supporting industrial performance

Good understanding and use of data are excellent levers for performance and innovation in industry... And yet, industrial firms are lagging behind in the use of data science, due to a lack of internal expertise and poor structuring of their data.

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Robert PLANA Chief Technology Officer

Nuclear engineering goes digital

The current issue is to implement a new, interoperable, pooled data repository in order to ensure better project management and imagine new approaches to operation and maintenance. 

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2019 Nuclear Safety Report

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