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#Advanced Nuclear Technologies (AMR/SMR)

3D animation to communicate on the locations of the SMRs

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#New build

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for a nuclear power plant

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#Project management
#United Kingdom

Review and benchmark capability on the capital delivery program of a UK energy company

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Assystem and Dassault Systèmes Partner to Accelerate the Development of Advanced Modular Reactors

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UK’s Strategy to Decarbonise Creates High-Value Careers in Regions

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| Financial press release

Assystem sells its 5% stake in Framatome to EDF S.A.

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Point of view

Site characterisation, a crucial step, multiple expertise

Choosing a site to build a nuclear power plant is a highly complex and strategic issue that requires extensive studies to assess the safety, environmental impact and feasibility of the project. This essential site selection and characterisation phase requires a great deal of technical expertise.

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