Assystem 2022 risk management report

Assystem publishes its Nuclear Risk Management report every year.

About the report

Developing a nuclear safety culture is the backbone of Assystem. Through this review of nuclear risk management, discover Assystem's nuclear activities and their strong link with nuclear safety.

Find out about our commitments, our results and our prospects for improvement in the fields of nuclear safety and radiation protection for 2023.

This report is addressed to Assystem's partners and clients as well as to all the group's employees, all of whom are committed to the development of nuclear energy projects throughout the world.

Key figures

  • 57
    years of experience in the
    nuclear industry
  • 4,000
    nuclear experts
    (including 170 safety specialists)
  • 0
    INES classified events in 2022

Report summary

Nuclear risk management

This is the 10th edition of the Assystem Group's annual report on nuclear risk management. This report recalls Assystem's activities in the nuclear field, presents a summary of the actions related to nuclear safety and radiation protection in 2022 and outlines some perspectives for the years to come.

In 2013, Assystem's Nuclear Risk Management Department had just been created and undertook the publication of this document to facilitate the monitoring and steering of activities related to nuclear safety culture in France, by involving all stakeholders, employees, managers, partners, or customers. Over the past 10 years, activities have developed significantly, and their scope has expanded, in France and around the world. At the same time, technical and regulatory requirements have grown, while the expectations of nuclear operators kept increasing. Assystem has kept pace with these developments in the nuclear industry and continued to implement the Group's commitments, as described in its Nuclear Safety Policy. The development of a sound Nuclear Safety Culture is at the heart of this conviction-based approach. It is instructive to look back over the previous editions of this report to see how the subjects have matured as the company's nuclear activities expanded, always with the primary concern of being trusted partners of nuclear operators. This is indeed what commits our action over time.

ISO 19443 certification in 2022

The year 2022 was definitely a good year for nuclear safety at Assystem. In support of the indicators that illustrate this, Assystem received ISO 19443 certification for its nuclear activities in France. This certification, which rewards the most committed teams working with nuclear operators, will gradually be extended to the international level.

Progress expected in the years to come

In 2023 and the following years, specific efforts will be made, both with field management and with the entities responsible for developing individual and collective knowledge. Of course, the Nuclear Risk Management Direction will make sure to better exploit feedback, to support improvement actions and to lead new initiatives, such as those linked to the digital innovation started by Assystem.

The horizon is thus clear for Assystem, which is making a responsible commitment to nuclear safety alongside the operators. This strong commitment is in line with Assystem's Switch and Act for Climate policy: Keep nuclear risk under control, through the development of a safety culture aimed at promoting the acceptance and growth of this technology in order to increase its contribution to the energy transition
Jean François Bossu Director of Nuclear Risk Management

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