Construction management and commissioning


Construction management and commissioning have been deeply embedded in the Assystem Group's DNA for nearly 60 years, having worked on many complex infrastructure construction projects around the world. We are experts in the preparation, planning and coordination of site operations, construction supervision and commissioning and transfer to operator. During each phase, we have the capability to use our design skills to take charge of the site engineering required for final adaptations.

We provide construction management and commissioning services as Owner Engineer or Architect Engineer. We mobilise our experts to ensure safety, quality, performance and compliance within budget and deadlines.

Find out how construction management makes nuclear projects a success:


Construction engineering experts, focused on future operator expectations

Managing the construction of infrastructures with major industrial or safety impacts requires the implementation of specific expertise and tools:

  • Organisation, planning and coordination
  • Management of the entire construction cycle and assembly phases
  • Management of subcontractors operating on site
  • Safety inspections and quality control
  • Supervision of testing and equipment qualification
  • Support for commissioning and transfer to operators
  • Systems engineering approach to optimise productivity and knowledge sharing on and off-site, using collaborative digital tools (modelling, BIM, digital twin...)

A global approach to meet customer requirements:

Precise definition of project objectives and requirements

(operational availability, safety/security, etc.)

Anticipation of risks, avoiding delays and cost overruns

on complex and/or large-scale projects

Optimised agility                                                          and coordination

to anticipate and allocate appropriate resources

Contract and supply chain management

With greater need for integration at a local level and the constant pursuit of greater competitiveness, contractors face new challenges: managing the skills development of operators, integrating new benchmarks for existing subcontractors, and managing the impact of changes in different local cultural and contractual settings around the world.

A subcontracting strategy in line with the real capacities of the supply chain

Based on our international experience and functional approach, Assystem supports its clients from the start of the work package allocation phase, ensuring their outsourcing strategy matches the true capacities of the supply chain.

Our teams also ensure technical and legal management of contracts, advising on the correct use of contractual agreement templates proposed by the FICIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) for their reliability and legal validity internationally.

Our main solutions for contract and supply chain management:

  • Assessment of suppliers and providers
  • Skills development, training processes, HR support
  • Digitalisation of management modes
  • Technical and legal management of FIDIC contracts
  • Inspection and verification of suppliers and providers

Testing and commissioning

The testing and commissioning phase is the last stage before delivery and guarantees the operation, performance, and safety of installations. This phase is key to ensuring the compliance of the installation compared with expectations to guarantee adherence to safety requirements.

A functional approach to deliver fast and effective commissioning 

Our approach to managing installations is based on planning, progressive implementation, and the involvement of the operator as soon as construction is completed to ensure a swift, effective handover process.​

This methodology is based on a geographical and functional map of the facility, validation by the suppliers (particularly for instrumentation and control), a rigorous facility handover process between construction and testing, and progressive activation from elementary functions to primary functions. These steps help to quickly identify non-compliances so they can be remedied quickly.

Our main solutions to support testing and commissioning:

  • Timing, planning and performance of tests
  • Test systems and test benches on supplier premises
  • Integration methods for infrastructure operator
  • Test simulation (software platforms)
  • Assessment of test phase results and commissioning results


Anticipating and preparing shutdowns during the operational phase

During the lifecycle of installations, shutdown phases are needed for maintenance operations to take place or for new equipment to be integrated.

Mastering the management of shutdowns is vital for operators to maintain strong continuity of service. Precise planning and control of recovery operations is central to successful shutdowns.

A flexible approach and turnkey solutions to optimise shutdowns

We offer a range of methodologies and tools to enable supervision and safety of shutdowns, such as Assystem’s own bespoke digital solution which optimises and improves complex schedules: Optimizio*. This solution increases the reliability of complex schedules, making resource management more efficient and aiding decision making.

* Optimizio is an Assystem solution

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