During the initial phases of an industrial project, one of the main challenges for our clients is to obtain a characterisation of the project site in order to get dimensional data for the design and to be able to conduct impact studies. Beyond nuclear, these challenges are equally crucial for other sectors: building and construction, infrastructures, renewable energy, transport, etc. Our teams provide a comprehensive offer which combines expertise with innovation to deliver: site assessments & impact studies Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA), licensing and permitting support, and environmental monitoring and compliance


Site assessment and impact studies:

Permitting / licensing, BIS preparation (Bid Invitation Specifications), EIA / ESIA / ESHIA, impact studies


  • Geological & Geophysical Surveys 
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Topographical surveys
  • Hydrological (marine & surface) surveys
  • Hydrogeological surveys
  • Seismological and seismotectonic surveys
  • Marine surveys (bathymetry, offshore drilling)
  • Meteorological / Aerological surveys
  • Flood Risk Assessment


  • Environmental baseline studies
  • Terrestrial & Marine ecological surveys
  • Hydrodynamic modeling
  • Air / Noise / Radiation Dispersion Modelling


  • Demographical surveys
  • Socio-economic surveys
  • Archeological surveys





  • EIA Monitoring
  • ESIA Monitoring


  • Construction Environmental Project Management (CEPM)



  • EIA/ESIA/ESHIA Monitoring
  • Reinstatement Monitoring
  • Environmental Auditing


  • Environmental compliance with International Finance Institutions

Site assessments and impact studies

Geoscientific competencies and flexibility for lower costs and shorter project timeframes

Seismic activity, weather conditions and other climate-related issues represent risks to costs, schedules and the safety and security of projects.

Our international teams adapt to local requirements, enabling siting activities for complex projects irrespective of size. Our full-project lifecycle offer makes us a one-stop-shop.

  • Geological surveys
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Topographical surveys
  • Hydrological surveys
  • Hydrogeological surveys
  • Seismological & seismotectonic surveys
  • Marine surveys
  • Meteorological / Areological surveys

Expertise in environmental and social impact assessments to help you make responsible choices for local ecosystems and populations

Before construction phase, we perform environmental, social and health impact assessments to evaluate consequences of the works involved. These analyses consider both economic and social developments, environmental values and the social and health situation induced by the project.

Environmental support services

  • Environmental baseline studies (noise & vibration, waste, agriculture and soils, air quality, arboriculture, archaeology, carbon reporting, contaminated land, heritage, landscape, water quality / resources)
  • Terrestrial & Marine ecological surveys​
  • Sustainability studies / Ecology services (incl. BREEAM, CEEQUAL)
  • Environmental management & training​

When completed, these assessments provide our customer with an environmental and social impact assessment report.

Modelling and geographic information system (GIS) skills combining technological innovation and expertise

We deliver services including collection of geographic information for a wide range of international projects by combining the latest technologies with decades of experience:

  • Urban information system
  • Urban energy distribution
  • Visual impact analysis

  • Topographical mapping
  • Marine survey studies 
  • Recreational project applications

  • Alignment sheets
  • Special crossing drawings
  • Land acquisition maps 


Mobile applications

Licensing and permitting

Recognised expertise in successfully supporting licensing and permitting process

Building a new nuclear installation requires rigorous assessment and approval by the Nuclear Safety Authority of the host country throughout the installation lifecycle (assessing the choice of location, construction, operation, final shutdown, dismantling, and any modifications). With more than 50 years’ experience in supporting new or existing nuclear programmes, Assystem supports its customers at every stage of the permit process, from the initial request through to the final shutdown and dismantling of the installation.

To meet safety requirements and boost confidence in the project, we provide expertise in:

  • Writing and delivery of the documents necessary to obtain permits and authorisations for the project
  • Support in the coordination of stakeholders operating on the project to achieve and impact licensing
  • Integration of all requirements in a digital database optimising the licensing process by modelling it

We work with national regulators, governments, operators, reactor vendors or suppliers to coordinate our stakeholders’ collaborative efforts. The Assystem teams harness the power of digital tools and technologies to optimise the licensing process:

  • Using sophisticated digital databases to cover all international standards and stakeholder engagement models
  • Extracting, comparing, standardising and allocating requirements to these models.

These functionalities are developed by integrating machine learning techniques with Model Based System Engineering (MBSE).

Commitment and compliance with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) approaches

We address all possible requirements for siting and design in the nuclear sector:

  • Requirements management /breakdown of product structure
  • Interface management
  • Licensing strategy and coordination with regulators
  • Preliminary safety report and progress review

Customer support and project progress optimisation

Assystem’s licensing support enables customers to:

  • Ensure smooth and seamless monitoring of the permit validation process,
  • Guarantee project compliance with sector and country standards,
  • Ensure reliability in terms of risk management and safety

Monitoring and environmental compliance

In response to increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, environmental concerns have become more complex, particularly in construction. We help our customers manage the environmental risks to their projects, identifying and implementing sustainable solutions.


  • EIA/ESIA/ESHIA Monitoring​
  • Reinstatement Monitoring​
  • Environmental Auditing


  • Construction Environmental Project Management (CEPM)​
  • Environmental compliance with International Finance Institutions (permitting, construction environmental planning, legal compliance, risk management, surveys, monitoring, consents, reports, operational control and auditing)

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