While the use of hydrogen is not fundamentally new, the strong ambitions around decarbonised hydrogen illustrate a switch in scale initiated by the public authorities and operators: this low-carbon hydrogen, produced by electrolysis of water thanks to electricity from renewable or nuclear energy sources, is definitely one of the keys to the energy transition.

To enable this development, the players in the sector will be able to count on Assystem's expertise to support them throughout the hydrogen value chain: development of production or distribution infrastructures, management of regulatory, safety and security constraints, and anticipation of the uses of hydrogen in transportation or industry.

1- Be part of the green H2 revolution, at every stage of the value chain

The global hydrogen market is rapidly expanding: currently valued at $130 billion, it could reach $2,500 billion by 2050 according to projections by the Hydrogen Council. In response to these forecasts, we need to create ecosystems that include decarbonised energy producers, hydrogen equipment suppliers, hydrogen producers, and hydrogen consumers. The revolution in this energy carrier will be enabled by the fall in its future costs and by the commitment of governments to promote green, decarbonised energy.

2- Integrate and anticipate the uses of clean hydrogen (green, pink and yellow)

The use of clean hydrogen is an opportunity for many sectors such as mass-transportation and industries (chemical, cements…) to significantly reduce their CO2 emissions.

In the long term, it may also be a partial solution to the variability of renewable power sources.

3- Meet the safety and security challenges of hydrogen

For engineering projects supporting the hydrogen revolution, safety is paramount to their success.. While the challenges of hydrogen safety are not fundamentally new, the undeniable growth of this energy carrier will provide new requirements for industrial sectors that are already highly regulated, particularly in terms of safety processes. Ensuring the safety of hydrogen is vital to accelerating the hydrogen revolution for the benefit and protection of our planet.

4- Developing H2 storage and transport infrastructures

The success of the hydrogen revolution will need dedicated infrastructures to allow its transport and storage.

These prerequisites are essential to make all the uses of H2 possible in the years to come.

OUR EXPERTISE in hydrogen

As an architect engineer for hydrogen projects, Assystem is a one-stop shop, combining multiple disciplines and expertise: low-carbon electricity, infrastructures, complex systems, regulations, transportation, etc. Our multiple areas of expertise enable us to support private and public stakeholders on pilot projects, and industrial applications for the production, storage, and distribution of hydrogen.

The massive development of low-carbon hydrogen is happening in parallel with the expansion of the decarbonised energy sources needed to produce it. Our experience in successfully delivering complex projects for more than 50 years ensures Assystem is perfectly positioned to support the development of clean energy sources:

  • We are committed to the development of renewable energy

  • Assystem is ranked in the Top 2 international nuclear engineering companies worldwide

  • We have expertise in adapting the architecture of electricity networks all over the world

We offer an integrated cross-sector approach. This enables us to support the delivery of complex projects/systems, effectively integrating energy conversion equipment and infrastructures. Our H2 engineering service provides a methodology to assist stakeholders who want to get involved in the design, fabrication and commissioning of H2-based systems, and the safe operation of any H2 based installation. Acting as an Owner Engineer, Assystem provides end-to-end support for H2 projects.

We can also count on our knowledge of H2 applications’ sectors (transportation, gas or chemical industry): at the high end of infrastructure development. We offer solutions to support all kinds of industrial and process industry clients for construction programs, maintenance and operations, engineering design and systems integration.


  • Project & construction management
  • Safety & security standards (Hydrogen, ATEX, ICPE, SEVESO, Nuclear)
  • Management of regulatory requirements
  • Testing and commissioning

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