System engineering and design


Due to our expertise in system engineering, studies and design, we are able to supply a framework to ensure the success of project requirements and targets. This framework can be used by all stakeholders: client, engineering, contractor, operator, independent regulators.

We use system engineering methods at all design stages, including project implementation.

System engineering: requirement management, interface and change management

The production of complex infrastructures requires the implementation of a large number of systems and equipment with numerous interfaces, involving a range of technical skills (civil engineering, IT, instrumentation and control, electricity, mechanics, etc.).

Integrating system engineering to maximise progress on complex projects

Subject to stringent regulatory requirements, the projects we are involved in require the use of system engineering to optimise scheduling, operation and coordination.

Benefits for our customers in their infrastructure and projects:

  • System compliance with needs and constraints
  • Knowledge of technical risks related to the project
  • Productivity and quality gains
  • Securing the construction and testing phases
  • Supply chain integration in project completion
  • Progress and cost control

Developing optimised solutions to meet customer needs

By providing technical, methodological and organisational solutions, we deliver concrete and practical coordination of project operations.

We also ensure consistent systems engineering processes and implementation of tools such as:

  • Deployment of system engineering methods
  • Implementation of tools (PLM / ALM, BIM, xD Modelling)
  • Digitalisation of processes
  • Assistance with change management

We adapt our service offering to the targets and specific expectations of our customers and develop relevant optimised solutions.

Studies and design


Masterplanning allows an infrastructure project to be developed or improved with a long-term plan. It is defined at the start of the project and integrates all of the components, constraints and stakeholders.

To optimise the delivery of a master plan, Assystem builds and operates this service using systems engineering solutions and additional digital tools

  • Connectivity identification, in and out flows and multi-year projections
  • Development of phasing and implementation schedules
  • Land development plans and territorial architecture
  • Macro steering of the project process, integrating each stakeholder
  • Anticipation of drifts, identification of critical milestones for better risk control

This flexible approach is particularly valued for territorial infrastructure projects and real estate programmes. For these types of projects, we operate as true owner engineer, with a masterplanning offer that includes:

  • Design guidelines
  • Spatial organisation & architecture
  • Structures and utilities

Feasibility, Conceptual design, Detailed design, and Design reviews

Whether a physical (buildings) or functional approach (system), the Assystem teams provide support for all types of design: nuclear power plants, renewable energy fleets, complex buildings and urban developments.

Supporting our customers right from the preliminary design stages of their infrastructure projects

We take part in the conceptual design through to detailed engineering and architectural design for multiple infrastructure projects. To enhance the efficiency of our design methods, we use system engineering tools to digitalise and optimise planning, management and control of the design project.

  • Master planning
  • Feasibility
  • Conceptual design
  • Schematic design
  • Detailed design
  • Front end engineering design
  • Technical support to procurement
  • Shop drawings

Assessing and challenging the design of existing projects

Our competencies apply both to new designs and also to design reviews, enabling us to assess the design of an existing project in line with pre-defined requirements. The Assystem teams are involved in design review, stringently complying with expectations in terms of quality and performance.

Building design

Physical approach of installations: 

  • Civil engineering
  • Construction preparation

System design

Functional approach of installations:

  • Safety processes
  • Control systems

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