Security and site protection


Faced with physical and cyber threats and with a view to ensuring sound operation of installations, the issues of safety and security of sensitive sites represent a major challenge for companies and governments. We support our customers to deliver maximum security, and to identify their needs in terms of security and systems maintenance.

Functional safety

For industrial sites, the causes and consequences of threats extend beyond the mere technology arena: they must be considered from the standpoint of economics, equipment, human resources and the environment. The physical integrity of an industrial site can be seen in its compliance processes and the preservation of the integrity of products.

Our functional safety approach factors in all of the phases from the identification and qualification of risks through to maintenance in operational condition (MOC) for critical systems, including specifications, design and turnkey integration.

Site protection

Supported by our expertise in sensitive projects (nuclear, defence, or even transport sectors), we are responsible for the security of the sites of our customers: 

  • Access control
  • Video surveillance/CCTV (closed circuit TV)/Video wall
  • Intrusion detection
  • Video intercom
  • Security Control Room
  • Hypervision​ (PSIM)

We have developed extensive expertise in the organisation of maintenance teams (MOC/TAM) to support critical systems. As part of the systems governed by the IEC 61511 standard, our teams play a direct role in protecting the security performance of our systems (security integrity) and monitoring them.

To learn more about our Maintenance in Operational Condition (MOC) offerings, visit our Industrial Control Systems page.

Maintenance in security condition

Directly complementary with Maintenance in Operational Condition (MOC), Maintenance in Security Condition (MSC) involves information relative to system threats and vulnerabilities, to collect and aggregate information to qualify the related risk and roll out appropriate security enhancements.

MSC is therefore synonymous with security risk control and maintaining compliance with security requirements throughout the lifecycle of a project.

We offer our customers the tools and methodologies to maintain their systems in optimal security conditions based on 4 key support areas:

  • Monitoring vulnerabilities/Uploading security patches
  • Management of mapping
  • Analysis of incidents
  • Business recovery/continuity plan

Our MSC offering is interconnected with our MOC and PLM offerings.

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