We offer the same opportunities and the same chances to everyone!

Our ambition is to create a working environment where everyone, irrespective of their ethnic origin, social background, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, health conditions or impairments feels valued, considered, and respected.

Your skills and your qualifications are assessed objectively.

The Group is committed to fighting all forms of discrimination. Click here for more information.

The same recruitment process for everyone

  • 1 - You apply online
  • 2 - Your application is reviewed by the recruiter
  • 3 - Pre-selection
  • 4 - Qualification by phone
  • 5 - Physical interview with an HR manager and your future managers
  • 6 - If validated, the employment contract proposal is sent to you
  • 7 - Access to the Applicant Portal
  • 8 - Implementation of the onboarding programme

Your integration

As soon as you take up your position, you benefit from an onboarding/integration process that lets you quickly discover the Assystem Group and the community of Switchers.

Each Switcher benefits from an individual path as soon as they receive their contract. We are committed to the integration, training, and professional fulfilment of all.

  1. Opening of your onboarding file
  2. Receive your welcome letter
  3. Presentation of the Assystem Induction Programme*
  4. Access to our e-learning platform
  5. Organisation of personalised meetings with your main contacts in accordance with your position

* This programme is available in video format on Assystem’s e-learning platform. Upon arrival, each new recruit receives a message inviting them to connect and discover the Group’s market position, values and mode of operation.

Discover some inspiring career paths!

"Even after 17 years, there is always a new challenge at Assystem if you want it!"
In my 17-year career at Assystem, I’ve worked on all sorts of exciting projects. Assystem values my experience, and they know how to keep things interesting for me!

Christine Hilton

Executive Assistant
"Assystem helped me dare to pursue my dream of working on virtual reality projects."
Victoria McLaughlin, an electrical engineer turned VR pioneer, explains how Assystem helped her open up to new career opportunities in virtual reality.

Victoria McLaughlin

Information Manager
“We work together to succeed together – being a team player is the key to our success”
Ashley Weeks tells us about his nuclear missions in the UK, but also about his work on mega infrastructure projects in Saudi Arabia. For Ashley, joining Assystem means working in a forward-looking team that boosts innovation and a collaborative spirit.

Ashley Weeks

Systems Engineering Head of Discipline