Christine Hilton 
Executive Assistant
@Assystem in the UK

What keeps you motivated at Assystem?

In my 17-year career at Assystem, I’ve worked on all sorts of exciting projects. I’ve supported the teams working on our numerous decommissioning projects in the UK, managed projects that are helping to develop the ITER fusion experiment in France, and I’ve even had the opportunity to support and visit the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant project in Finland.

Assystem values my experience, and they know how to keep things interesting for me!

How has Assystem supported you to develop your career across your roles?

When I first joined the business, it was only on a part-time basis. Despite that, I’d made an impact in my first six months and was identified as someone who could broaden my scope into new areas of work if I wanted it. I said yes, and accepted a role supporting a strategic client in their resource management where I was empowered to demonstrate and develop my skills in project management, contract management, and working with senior stakeholders to keep the project on track.

With the business growing continuously over the past 17 years, I’ve been encouraged to take opportunities as they come, to try new things, and challenge myself from day one. This has led to me working on all sorts of projects, either by being recommended by line managers or by simply asking for a chance to get involved.

I’ve also been supported through the company’s IncredibleWomen network, where I’ve benefitted from coaching and mentoring to give me to confidence to go after the opportunities I really want from my role.

Any notable achievements and memories from your time here?

Supporting the commissioning of the Olkiluoto power plant in Finland would probably be at the top of the list. I was involved in resourcing for the project, working between our teams in the UK and France to secure and provide qualified and capable experts to the project.

I was given autonomy and trusted to act as a bridge between Assystem and the client’s senior management teams to ensure our scope of the project was delivered within deadlines and budget. The big highlight was being among those invited to Finland to celebrate the completion of a key project milestone. To be recognised for my efforts alongside Finnish dignitaries and senior leaders from the partner companies was a real privilege.

What are the three reasons for your tenure with Assystem?

1 - People

We work with some incredibly talented, intelligent, brilliant people, but there’s a great team spirit where people want to help each other. As a woman, I’d worked in engineering jobs in the past and felt like I was being hindered – with Assystem, my gender isn’t a barrier to opportunities to develop and prove my skills to advance my career.

2 - Variety

In 17 years it’s never been boring because the company’s continued to grow and evolve. As a business, we’ve never lost the appetite to strive for bigger, more exciting projects and as individuals, we’re actively encouraged to think differently and try new things as part of this greater goal. Whoever you are and whatever you do, the value you can add to our projects is appreciated.

3 - We’re international

It’s a special feeling to feel like you’re genuinely part of a team – not just in the UK, but around the world. In my career with Assystem, I’m grateful to have built strong relationships with colleagues thousands of miles away and closer to home.