Tailor-made solutions


Through our expertise in engineering large industrial projects and our experience in the digitalisation of engineering and project management activities, we provide our clients with our skills and advice to support the digital transformation of their business information systems. We develop bespoke offers and solutions in an application base designed to anticipate our clients' future challenges and accelerate their digital transformation.

our Tailor-made solutions

A software solution for searching and retrieving information from all types of structured and unstructured documents.

An artificial intelligence solution for human resources, to source and map skills.

Optimizio* is a solution which optimises and increases the reliability of complex project planning, making it possible to manage resources and constraints effectively and support decision-making.

* Optimizio is an Assystem solution

Simulation and intervention toolkit in ionising radiation environments: an application designed as a ‘serious game' to train radioprotection advisors.

An intelligent digital engineering solution that automatically extracts, classifies, and analyses requirements from raw documents and existing requirements databases.

A digital solution which simplifies mobility and enables the dematerialisation of forms on industrial sites.

A standalone augmented reality solution designed for maintenance and control operations of the equipment or the industrial installations in real time.


Digitalisation des processus

Our teams, present in France, the United Kingdom and India, develop customised solutions. They provide integration and local support and ensure the integrity of our customers’ information systems. Locally, they manage R&D partnerships and the deployment of training programs.

accompagnement au changement

​Our Data Science entity is dedicated to the development of artificial intelligence and industrial optimisation solutions based on a data-centric approach to improve operations and support decision making.


Assystem’s Digital Systems Engineering specialists support manufacturers in the implementation of data and model-centred engineering to bring coherence between data and its governance over the entire life cycle of installations.

offres et solutions sur mesure

DevOps / VR experts can respond to all types of web / mobile / fat client application development needs thanks to an adapted agile methodology, user experience oriented, focused on ergonomics, code quality, and application security.

Aware of the tremendous performance lever that digital represents for our customers, Assystem has developed new offers based on the development of customised solutions and strategic partnerships with the main technological players in the market. Our investments in R&D and our capacity to capitalise on our business knowledge and digital expertise enable us to meet our customers' challenges.
Jean-Eudes Guilhot-Gaudeffroy Director of Digital Engineering

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