An Assystem solution for optimising and increasing the reliability of complex schedules, making it possible to manage resources and constraints effectively and to support decision making

CONTEXT & Issues

Managing complex industrial infrastructures from construction to dismantling, including maintenance and operation, requires precise planning of works and activities, while coordinating the intervention of numerous actors and stakeholders in the project, with the use of resources that are often constrained (materials, time, budget, etc).

These complex projects can involve hundreds or even thousands of activities and interfaces to be managed, generating uncertainties in terms of schedules, cost and quality of execution.

The major challenge is therefore to achieve the best possible schedule and to control it while remaining agile regarding the uncertainties of any complex project.

the solution

Depending on the issues and the complexity of the client’s activities, Assystem's solution is available in two forms:

Optimizio*, a scheduling optimisation solution based on the latest AI technology. This solution is adapted to schedules:

  • With a high level of complexity (up to 20,000 planning tasks, and 12 to 14 constraints)
  • With a high level of recurrence (more than 10 schedules to make per year)

An offer to support the deployment of simulation and optimisation tools for existing schedules. This offer is aimed at complex schedules:

  • With several thousand to ten thousand tasks
  • With numerous constraints (co-activity issues, availability of limited or critical resources, availability of equipment, time constraints or template durations)
  • With medium to high recurrence (several times a year, more than 10 schedules a year)

Our tools are flexible and can be easily integrated into existing IS environments.

Discover the Optimizio* solution:


  • Simulation of schedules from various input data structures (excel files, databases, XML files) and use of the best optimisation methods (metaheuristics, Artificial Intelligence). These solutions are developed in the Python programming language.
  • Integration of various modular methods (metaheuristics, Monte Carlo, Genetic Algorithm) integrating Artificial Intelligence to take into account all the possible constraints of a project and their consequences and which adapts to potential unexpected events by rescheduling the tasks.
  • Flexible customisation of the tool in terms of settings for each type of project, as well as client-specific rules and constraints.

Discover the whole Optimizio* solution and our case study on the reliability of "unit outages"


  • OPTIMISE the total duration of projects and thus reduce project deadlines
  • ADAPT to a wide variety of constraints
  • ENABLE dynamic planning that adapts to uncertainties once the project has started
  • PROVIDE relevant decision support tools
  • MANAGE complex project schedules with a large number of actors and activities


  • Reduction of inconsistencies or conflicts between tasks
  • Flexibility and simplicity of analysis when input data changes
  • Improved data visibility with the integration of KPIs (graphs showing milestone deadlines, scalable Gantt schedule, etc.)
  • Decision support for schedule and contingency management

* Optimizio is an Assystem solution

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