Who are we ?

Drawing on more than 55 years’ experience in highly regulated sectors subject to strict security and safety requirements, we provide our customers with engineering and project management services, as well as digital services and solutions to optimise the performance of complex infrastructure projects throughout their life cycle. Assystem is currently one of the top 3 nuclear engineering companies in the world. Learn more about our EngineeringDigital and Project Management activities.

Our vision

The fight against climate change is the priority of the 21st century. It implies an energy transition on a global scale, with the objective of making safe and sustainable energy accessible to all populations. Assystem’s mission is to help to accelerate the energy transition throughout the world. We devote all of our energy to this task, combining our historical expertise in engineering and project management with digital technologies to create a reliable and sustainable energy future for all. For this purpose, we work globally on the development of low-carbon electricity, both in terms of its production and its distribution, through the expansion of nuclear and renewable energies. We also focus on the renovation of power grids and the development of new uses for electricity, such as the development of green hydrogen with a view to decarbonising transport and industry. At Assystem, we consider ourselves to be activists in the development of nuclear energy throughout the world. We firmly believe that nuclear energy is essential in the fight against climate change.

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