Generating electricity using renewable sources is changing the profile of the energy market, owing to the variable nature of solar and wind power, location and access challenges, operation and maintenance needs and the development of new supply chains.

Designing and building renewable power plants adapting to the needs of each territory

While some countries are already very advanced in their energy transition journey, others are still in the early stages of developing their renewable energy systems:

The energy sector industry must be agile enough to establish themselves in each country and adapt to the local requirements.

Controling production costs and maintaining continuous service delivery

Predicting a renewable energy plant’s operational lifespan and planning for maintenance activities is a key factor in maintaining continuity of electrical supply and ensuring that generating plants continue to operate efficiently. Smart sensors and digital analytics can be applied to provide a cost-effective solution for monitoring plant characteristics in real-time and optimising plant performance and efficiency.


Our expertise is in managing large complex projects and our ability to integrate systems.

With an in-house civil engineering capability, we can undertake projects taking full responsibility for all the technical aspects:

  • Design and specification of new installations
  • Revamping of existing facilities
  • Design of structural enhancements
  • Design of the associated infrastructures

Our expertise in the equipment and functional systems that make up the turbine hall environment and Balance of Plant (BOP) enables us to deliver client support in upstream project phases, such as site environmental studies and impact analyses of standards and regulations on equipment design.

Our multidisciplinary project teams are involved from the basic and detailed design phases for the general layout of the BOP (pipework, structure, electricity, etc.) through to testing and commissioning.

Assystem’s comprehensive safety experience enables us to meet our clients’ safety challenges, guaranteeing the safety of personnel as well as the site and its surrounding environment.


  • Project & construction management
  • Programme management
  • Geological & geotechnical studies, environmental impact assessment
  • Electrical Connections & Grids: systems design and integration

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