Decommissioning and waste


The decommissioning and management of nuclear waste involves complex activities that must be addressed as safely and efficiently as possible:

  • Existing plant operations
  • Fuel cycle facilities
  • Recycling/reprocessing/waste disposal
  • Decommissioning of permanently shut-down plants


The nuclear decommissioning market is estimated to be worth more than €200 billion throughout the world in the coming decades (with Europe accounting for 75%), putting the implementation of effective methodologies for faster, safer, and more cost-effective decommissioning at the heart of the challenges facing the nuclear industry.

Whatever the type of facility to be decommissioned or the type of waste to be managed, at least three major challenges must be considered:

Industrial challenges:

  • Standardisation
  • Integration of waste management processes

Technical and security challenges:

  • Intervention subject to requirements, uniqueness of facilities to be decommissioned
  • Guarantee of operational safety
  • Technical integration in decommissioning programmes

Economic challenges:

  • Management of decommissioning costs
  • Optimisation of lead times
  • Reliable and diversified supply chain, involving SMEs (socio-economic value)

With more than 55 years of expertise throughout the nuclear facility lifecycle, we are able to adopt an holistic approach to tackling such complex projects.


We assist nuclear operators in managing the end of life of their assets, from defining decommissioning scenarios to designing and supplying storage and treatment facilities for waste from all activities. In coordination with local and international nuclear authorities, we intervene at each stage of the decommissioning life cycle, for all types of facilities to be dismantled:

  • Cycle facilities
  • Experimental reactors
  • Nuclear power plants

Our added value in decommissioning and waste management mainly focuses on our expertise in:

  • Shut-down of facilities
  • Dismantling scenarios
  • Definition of appropriate waste streams
  • Integration of remote robotics solutions
  • Design and delivery of support facilities for decommissioning operations and waste management


Regarding waste management, the Assystem teams have proven expertise in defining and delivering solutions for the decommissioning of nuclear facilities (reactors, fuel cycle plants, laboratories, research facilities, etc.). We have been involved in these areas in France and the United Kingdom for decades. More recently, Assystem also deployed its expertise in Europe and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia).


Project management (PMC, PMO)
Field operation management
Siting, licensing, and environmental services
System engineering and design
Industrial control systems
Risk and safety studies
Digital dismantling

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Safety culture in the nuclear industry – a constant priority

Safety culture reflects the concerted effort taken at all levels of management and execution to collectively ensure the safe operation of a facility. It is up to each individual to continually develop their own safety culture, rather than simply complying with regulatory imperatives.

Jean-François Bossu
Nuclear Risk Management Director
Jean-François Bossu

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