Control and maintenance assistant in augmented reality

CONTEXT & Issues

Augmented reality aims to improve industrial performance by assisting interventions on site. It allows professionals to carry out control and maintenance operations by overlaying 3D models onto a real-time view.

the solution

Holoreka is a standalone augmented reality solution developed by Assystem's teams. Designed for maintenance and control operations, it allows users to visualise and test control equipment or industrial installations in real time.

Holoreka covers a wide range of operation types thanks to its twelve modules. It allows the user to:

  • Overlay the 3D model onto its real counterpart with millimetre accuracy
  • View the data produced by individual components
  • Measure and evaluate deltas
  • Carry out collaborative operations

Our teams have the capacity to develop additional, custom modules to adapt the solution to the specific needs of our customers.


  • For optimal use of the application, Holoreka is installed in a Microsoft HoloLens2 mixed reality headset, into which the 3D models (FBX format) and the data from the equipment to be controlled (CSV file) are transferred.
  • The application can be controlled by two different types of input: with an Xbox Controller and voice commands.
  • Operations on the field can be streamed, recorded, and registered over the network or USB cable.

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  • Visualise the integration of new designs into a future environment
  • Validate its location, accessibility, and maintainability before starting the installation process
  • Support in the manufacture and construction of project components
  • Check the implementation by identifying any gaps between the hologram and the reality

Clients Benefits

  • Fast return on investment
  • Better coordination of workflows
  • Better traceability
  • Up to 10 times faster control operations
  • Better understanding of the facilities
  • Detection of incompatibilities during the design phase, and directly on site

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Immersive technologies encourage nuclear knowledge sharing

In line with the industry’s ambitions, we are pursuing a wide-ranging training policy to develop and retain talent in a sector that is under considerable pressure. This strategy is underpinned by the maturity of digital technologies, which are profoundly transforming training methods and the transmission of skills, particularly with immersive 3D tools.”

Didier Duffuler
AR/VR Business Manager at Assystem
Didier Duffuler


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