A digital solution to simplify mobility and dematerialise forms on industrial sites

CONTEXT & Issues

Industrial infrastructures are constantly evolving with heavy and time-consuming procedures that need to be digitalised. Industrial sites, as for, need to be safe with activities traced and accounted for Assystem has thus developed a suite of solutions of mobility in order to ensure:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • The simplification of procedures
  • Improved project performance

SiteEXP is part of this suite of solutions developed by Assystem which meet these requirements by utilising digital engineering.

the solution

Based on its business DNA, Assystem strengthens its services through the contribution of digital. The SiteEXP solution is a modular business application-oriented field.

The solution focuses on:

  • The dematerialisation of form by simple parameter setting,
  • Easy integration of business repositories,
  • Specific user interfaces for use in the office and in disconnected mobility,
  • On-demand data synchronisation,
  • Operation in customised document mode and in database mode,
  • Structuring of access and project organisation permissions,
  • Hosting that is adaptable to the constraints of the client's IS (information system).

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With increasingly complex and demanding infrastructures, Assystem’s SiteEXP is an adaptable and scalable solution enabling business form dematerialisation and digital transformation.

Some specific features:

  • Statistics
  • Hierarchy of form templates
  • Management of user profiles
  • Exploitation of the results obtained
  • Dematerialising Word forms
  • And much more...

In online / offline mode, the SiteEXP mobile application adapts to many usage settings and constraints of infrastructure, data integrity, privacy and security.

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  • SIMPLIFY business procedures through dematerialisation
  • IMPROVE the management of security and safety procedures
  • ENSURE effective monitoring and traceability of the activity of industrial sites
  • RESPOND to business expectations

Clients benefits

  • Control of safety procedures
  • Capture of information as close as possible to the interventions
  • Capitalisation of knowledge due to the centralisation of data
  • Saves time and money owing to better use of field data
  • Help in controlling installations and associated interventions
  • Standardisation of client deliverable formats

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