The client is one of four international airports in the Maldives. 

The master plan is designed to redevelop an international airport major infrastructure, landside and airside developments, to meet the future growth of traffic to the Maldives and maintain International Civil Aviation Organization standards.

Project perimeter includes:

  • Runway, taxiways, aprons, shore protection, dredging & reclamation
  • Airport reference point platform, wind sock, upgradation of navigational aids and airside periphery road, ground staff equipment area and vehicular lanes for movement in apron, airfield ground lighting, apron flood lighting & airside signage, fuel farm, fire fighting & aspiration system, car parking, taxi parking, bus coach parking & two wheeler parking, approach road and roundabouts
  • DG set, sewage treatment plant, water treatment plant, desalination plant
  • Two-level passenger terminal building & sea terminal, ATC & ARFF block, hostels, sub-station, hanger, cargo terminal
  • Solar system, STP, IT, access control & security systems

The client commissioned Assystem for project management consultancy, and design & construction control.

Project Scope

Assystem's scope of action, in its capacity as design and construction consultancy company, covers the project life cycle. Brief scope involves following:

  • Review, manage, and approve of contractor produced design and document
  • Project management
  • Material inspection
  • Multi-discipline & multi-party coordination
  • Construction supervision, construction quality & safety management
  • Schedule & cost control, quantity survey, variation order between client/contractor, design optimization
  • Testing & commissioning support
  • Completion documentation & defect liability period surveys
  • Additional project management activities

All of those activities will be performed on a bespoke digital environment, relying especially on Oracle Aconex software.

Client benefitS

  • Strong expertise and capabilities in terms of design review, resulting from return of experience in airport design in India & worldwide
  • Ability to mobilize onsite team to perform inspections at all required levels, supported by advanced tooling (mobile apps) to perform the tasks efficiently
  • Compliance with all required safety and quality norms and standards
  • Knowledge and know-how in terms of complex project management
  • Efficient document & deliverables management scheme, through use of Aconex

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