The client, a scientific, research and governmental entity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken the decision to introduce atomic and renewable energy for a significant portion of Saudi Arabia’s future energy mix.

These two components of the future energy mix will provide substantial capacity, advanced technology, efficient use of resources and will be fully compliant with international best practices, conventions and treaties.

There are already locations being considered for the renewable energy (solar) that should enter the Saudi Arabia generation matrix in the next 10 years but also the load demand increase in the coming years.

In this context, the client awarded Assystem with a contract to complete a comprehensive and detailed evaluation of the grid impact for the two selected sites for the purpose of construction (and further operation) of the future NPP (Nuclear Power Plant).

Project scope

  • Collect datas and realize the power system analysis studies in order to ensure a reliable operation of the NPP within the KSA grid.
  • Compare the actual transmission security standards with the actual and reliable performance of the system and derive reliability requirements.
  • Analyse actual plans and procedures to communicate and co-operate between large power plants and grid control centers then identify the gaps from a NPP grid control centre’s perspective.
  • Analyse the grid requirements to support the NPP for various credible scenarios and infeed in the transmission system. If deemed necessary, propose a set of amendments to the KSA grid code.
  • Identify the reserve requirements to support the use of NPP’s especially the ability of the targeted generation system to meet the net load to be supplied by the conventional power plants.

Expected results

  • Minimize the impact of important uncertainty factors on the recommended transmission system grid structure.
  • Anticipate the constitution of the future energy mix of KSA including renewables.

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