Context and challenges

This client is a major player in the nuclear sector.

This client’s facilities are the focus of numerous projects in which nuclear safety is everywhere.

In addition to the regulatory framework (quality, installations order), the nuclear engineering activity is organised around the control of requirements resulting from safety studies.

These studies cover the entire life cycle of a facility:

  • Facility design / refurbishment
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Operation / installation modifications
  • Shutdown and dismantling, waste treatment

Across all associated fields: radiation protection, criticality, fire, human and organizational factors, Nuclear Pressurized Equipment (NPE), Complementary Safety Studies (CSS), etc.

This client has mandated Assystem through several calls for tender to carry out safety studies at each stage of the life cycle of the facilities in design, modification and dismantling.

Project scope

Some examples of missions since 2015:

  • Design of facilities / renovation:
    • Writing of the preliminary safety report for a complex facility
    • Writing of the safety frameworks of nuclear defense facilities
    • Safety design studies for waste recovery equipment
    • Safety studies for the renovation of facilities
  • Tests and commissioning of various facilities: writing of the Quality Synthesis Files (QSF)
  • Exploitation and modifications of facilities: safety studies within the framework of requests for significant modifications
  • Shutdown and dismantling:
    • Dismantling file of a facility
    • Safety studies for waste disposal processes
    • Safety studies for the dismantling of certain buildings
    • Drafting of the safety report for the surveillance and dismantling of an individual facility


Client benefices

  • Consistency of studies ensured through the integration of safety teams into operational activities throughout the entire lifecycle (design, testing, dismantling)
  • Homogenisation of studies through the sharing of a business framework for the design process
  • Good consideration of the issues related to the dismantling of the client’s facilities thanks to feedback from the various centers of the client
  • Good definition of the requirements by mastering the Civil and Defense (regulatory) reference systems and the doctrines/methodologies of the client

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