Augmented reality site control and monitoring using Holoreka


The project involved developing an augmented reality application for the construction of a new workshop on the site of a major organisation in the nuclear sector. Several challenges had been identified during the project’s start-up phase which risked increasing the duration of the project and reducing productivity.

Our client commissioned Assystem to deploy Holoreka, an augmented-reality control and maintenance tool. This solution, designed by Assystem, uses an augmented reality headset to superimpose a 3D model of the installation on a real environment to facilitate site-based work and reduce inspection times. It also makes it possible to anticipate conflicts early as the construction phase, using the facility's As-Built data.

Following successful application of this solution, our customer extended the use of Holoreka to its three largest contracts (piping, electricity and ventilation).


  • Preparation of the 3D model
    • Isolation of the elements to be inspected
    • Optimising the model
    • Colour-coding identification of parts
  • Preparation of the HoloLens 2 headsets
    Installation and configuration of the Holoreka application on HoloLens headsets.
  • Holoreka training
    • Three people trained to use the application
    • Training in the preparation of 3D models
    • Training future users in Blender modelling and animation software to independently prepare future models for integration into Holoreka.
  • Développement d’un script d’optimisation automatisé pour Blender
  • Assistance et maintenance

Client benefits

  • Clash prediction by superimposing the 3D model on the actual site
  • Low investment costs
  • High return on investment

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