As part of its welding training for the nuclear industry, the client is looking for an innovative teaching support tool to help students assimilate procedures and adapt their behaviour in an industrial environment.

The client commissioned Assystem to develop an immersive virtual reality teaching application. The aim of this solution is to put into practice the elements acquired in the theoretical module "reading plans from a welding perspective and welding operations". The application allows learners to be immersed in different industrial environments and to be confronted with situations that are close to the real thing, without risk.


  • Layout of interfaces
    During the project design phase, the layout of the interfaces (menus, buttons, dialogue boxes, mini-games, etc.) is created for integration into the application.
  • Preparation of 3D environments
    Modelling of the different environments, optimisation and integration of 3D elements
  • Feature development
    • global: scenario launch menu, return to home page, mission discovery system and dialogue with a virtual character
    • and specific to the teaching scenarios (system for validating the intervention, etc.).
  • Scenario development
    • Weld identification
    • ISO drawing reconstruction
    • Assembly of pipe lines
    • Controlled area entry/exit
    • Site preparation/dismantling
    • Pointing a pipe
    • Management of degraded situations
    • Waste management

Client benefits

  • Building skills: reading plans/isometrics
  • Improved learning of industrial processes and procedures
  • Better memorization of the right gestures to perform in quality, control.

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