As part of the SMR (Small Modular Reactor) deployment project, the client, a revolutionary company in the nuclear industry, commissioned Assystem to produce a 3D video to communicate the project.

Assystem, with its 3D animation experts, produced a video showing the installation of these reactors in different environments.

Simulation 3D in 4 environments

  • Europe
  • The Middle East 
  • Africa
  • An urban landscape


  • 3D model management
    • Recovering the model
    • Creation of the various textures on the 3D model (road, building)
    • Creation of sectional drawings to visualise the interior of buildings, reactors and equipment details
  • Integration of the SMR model: creation of lighting (lamp placement and shadow management) and camera paths
  • Production of the video: editing and motion design of the raw images (colour grading, editing, cover page, pop-up label)

Client benefits

  • Communicating to the largest possible audience at exhibitions and via networks (website, social networks)
  • 3D visualisation of the reactors in their environment and in different locations

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