Branche Thomas

Thomas Branche

Senior Vice President of Engineering Activities

A graduate of France’s prestigious Ecole Polytechnique and a member of the Corps des Mines, Thomas joined Assystem in July 2012 taking charge of the French Nuclear business unit. In January 2022, he was appointed Senior Vice President in charge of Engineering and represents the French professional federation of engineering companies on France’s Hydrogen Council.

Hydrogen: a revolution in progress for the energy transition?

In this episode, we’re talking about the low-carbon hydrogen revolution – a key pillar of the global energy transition and one in which the Assystem Group is playing a key role.

Today, there is no energy scenario that would allow us reach carbon neutrality by 2050 without low-carbon hydrogen

Hydrogen can be produced by capturing and storing CO2, orthrough electrolysis of water using electricity from renewable or nuclear energy sources, but how do we use it? How do we connect hydrogen to our electricity grids? Learn how Assystem is answering these challenges in the latest episode of our Switch On podcast.

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