The client, a VRD and earthworks specialist, aims to expand its involvement in energy transition. They plan to establish and operate hydrogen stations as part of their hydrogen business development. These stations will serve the company's equipment requirements and will also be open to public use and other businesses.

To assess the viability of constructing a hydrogen production and distribution facility in the Reims region, the client has enlisted Assystem to conduct feasibility studies.


As part of its feasibility study, Assystem is tasked with :

  • Define 3 potential scenarios to find the one best suited to customer needs (technical report)
  • Realising corresponding mass plans as well as that of a multi energies hydrogen, natural gas and electricity station
  • Estimating the uses necessary to make the project profitable by using the total daily production
  • Considering CEPI (Classified Environmental Preservation Installation) requirements
  • Considering measures to increase production
  • Creating presentation materials for discussion with local authorities.

Client benefits

  • Obtaining a feasibility study which provides an overview of the technical and financial scale for its project.
  • Provision of a report outlining the costs associated with the project
  • Technical support to help liaise with local regulatory bodies

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