Jeanneau Christian

Christian Jeanneau

Senior Vice President of Digital Activities

An engineer by training, supplemented by an INSEAD executive programme, Christian Jeanneau joined Assystem in 1995 as a testing engineer. Since 2022, he has served as Senior Vice President for the Group’s digital activities, and he is Director of the Assystem Institute, a training body to transfer skills and knowledge to new generations of engineers.

Accelerating nuclear development around the world through digital


To achieve carbon neutrality, the French government has announced the construction of up to fourteen new power plants by 2050. This trend is being replicated in several countries, where nuclear programmes – large and small - are being launched to produce low-carbon energy, to combat global warming and guarantee energy independence. At the same time, existing nuclear power plants must continue to produce electricity through maintenance or life extension work for some countries such as France. The challenges are numerous in the nuclear industry, so today we’re going to talk about how digital tools and technologies can help.


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