Licensing technical support for a nuclear power plant in Egypt

Context and challenges

The Arab Republic of Egypt has been interested in building a power plant since the 1970s. As early as the 1980s, the site of El Dabaa (in the Libyan desert, west of Alexandria) was pre-selected.

In 2015, the process will accelerate with the signing of an intergovernmental agreement between Egypt and Russia. Following this, an EPC-type contract is finalised between the future Egyptian operator (NPPA) and a major player in the nuclear industry for the supply of 4 units of VVER-1200 type nuclear reactors. The El Dabaa site was approved in 2019. In 2020, the project is at the stage of preparation of the file to apply for a building permit.

In this context, this client, a major player in nuclear, called upon Assystem to provide technical support to the Licensing process of the El Dabaa power plant in the context of the contractualization of a framework agreement. This includes in particular the elaboration of the documentary documents pieces necessary to obtain the authorizations that milestone a nuclear power plant project (site approval, construction permit, test and commissioning permit, fuel loading permit, operating authorization).

Project scope

  • Independent technical review of technical documents produced by the client for authorization and permit applications
  • Support to the implementation of the Licensing strategy for Units 1 to 4 of the plant in accordance with the EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) contract requirements
  • Review of the PSAR (Preliminary Safety Analysis Report) and PSA (Safety Analysis Report) and technical support to the client following the review of the documents by the future operator.
  • Drafting of the Construction Management Plan and support to the client until validation of the document by the future operator.
  • Drafting of the Organisation and Management part of the Waste Management Plan
  • Updating of documents (Construction Management Plan, Method Statement, Work Execution Plan, Waste Management Plan) to comply with the EPC contract and international requirements.
  • Support to project and EPC contract management (monitoring of developments, technical justifications for changes, support to the awarding of implementation contracts)


  • Independent technical review of documents issued by the client to:
    • Ensure compliance with the technical requirements of the contract and with international standards (EUR - European Utility Requirements: requirements of European electricians, IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency guides)
    • Ensure the integration of international best practices
    • Reduce the risk of non-compliance
  • Taking into account by the client of design modifications for adaptation to site conditions through technical support and justification (technical feasibility of different possible solutions, feedback from other international projects)
  • Helping to integrate the multicultural aspects of the project, reducing the risk of misunderstanding technical requirements or documents by advising on the project strategy and communication with the future operator

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