Assystem supports industrialists and public organisations in the implementation of a global safety approach (functional safety, dependability, nuclear safety).

Faced with threats and with the aim of ensuring the proper functioning of installations, industrial and state-owned companies make security issues central to their strategy.

Functional safety as well as operational safety are at the heart of the strategies, and are based on the implementation of systems such as automated or instrumented safety systems, etc.

Assystem supports industrialists and in particular operators, from the identification of safety needs to the maintenance of systems. In addition, Assystem has developed specific expertise in nuclear safety and thus supports operators throughout the world by placing safety issues at the centre of its actions.

Functional safety

Functional safety deals with Automated Safety Systems (SAS) or Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) used in prevention or protection of people, the environment or the industrial installations themselves. These systems ensure the maintenance or safety of the elements with which they are associated, such as interlock mechanisms. The risk reduction to be achieved is then quantified in SIL (Safety Integrity Level).

Assystem covers all phases from risk identification and characterization to maintaining critical systems in operational conditions (MCO).

sécurité fonctionnelle


Dependability allows to characterize the performances of Reliability, Maintainability, Availability and Safety of industrial systems. It is based on qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods, and enables the modelling of the functional and dysfunctional behaviour of equipment.

These methods are deployed as early as the definition and design phases and are then used in the maintenance in operational conditions (MCO) studies of existing equipment.

Assystem addresses these issues for clients in the energy, industry, defence and transport sectors. The teams are able to meet the needs of all contractual levels of a project: Project Owner, Project Management, Industrialists and Operators.

sureté de fonctionnement

Nuclear safety

Nuclear safety requirements, required by the safety authorities, are moving in the direction of an ever-increasing responsibility of nuclear operators, as well as of all the actors in the subcontracting chains.

A genuine "safety culture", encompassing all the safety issues of an installation, must be implemented as early as possible in projects, right from the design phases.

Assystem assists operators throughout the world, at every stage of projects, by placing safety issues at the centre of their concerns.

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