Project management

Assystem assists manufacturers and government organisations in managing their complex projects throughout the life cycle of industrial infrastructures.

Building complex infrastructures and ensuring their smooth operation requires optimal project management, in order to avoid the pitfalls of planning or budget deviations and to guarantee the quality of the projects. Ensuring the steering of these complex projects often requires the implementation of PMO tools and project teams to support project management.

Assystem offers industrial companies, operators and government organisations project management support throughout the entire life cycle of infrastructures. Project management in the broadest sense of the term brings together a range of offers at Assystem, from PMO support to construction supervision, shutdown management and maintenance.


The Project Management Office brings together a set of processes, methods and tools to ensure the successful completion of investment projects in terms of quality, deadlines and costs.

Managing complex projects requires robust steering and processes. Implementing a PMO approach is therefore all the more essential for this type of project.

Assystem is therefore involved in all aspects of PMO and assists its clients in the operational management of their projects by providing expertise, flexibility and competitiveness.


Configuration management

Configuration management covers all the steps from the technical description of a project to the integration of changes. In complex projects involving multiple actors, or even coactivity, configuration management is crucial to trace the entire history of changes made to an installation.

At the project level, configuration management is therefore based on requirement tracking tools, including technical data referential frameworks that are accessible to all project stakeholders.

Assystem implements configuration management for complex infrastructure projects through the implementation of tools and methodologies.

Gestion de la configuration

Contracts & supply chain supervision

Faced with different regulatory standards from one country to another and growth constraints, manufacturers must adapt their supply chains.

Assystem assists clients from the contract allocation phase onwards, as well as subcontractors, particularly in terms of technical coordination. Assystem also assists players in the legal and technical management of contracts based on contracts offered by FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers).

supervision supplychain

Construction Supervision

More than 3,500 standards govern the world of construction: mastering the technical and regulatory compliance of any industrial or administrative infrastructure becomes extremely complex. Failure to comply with the standards can lead to financial problems, often with serious consequences. Supervising the construction of plants or complex buildings with high industrial or safety issues requires the implementation of expertise and precise tools.

Assystem assists manufacturers and state organisations in supervising the construction of complex buildings, such as nuclear power stations, aeronautical assembly plants, large trust centres and naval bases. Assystem is involved right from the design phase, organising the coordination and management of projects, placing quality and expected performance at the heart of its strategies.

Supervision de la construction

Testing & Commissioning

The testing and commissioning phase, the last stage before delivery to the operator, ensures the operation, performance and safety of the installations. This phase is essential to ensure that the installation complies with expectations and thus that safety requirements are met.

Assystem has implemented a testing methodology based on a functional approach to installations. Our approach is based on anticipation, gradual start-up and integration of the operator from the end of construction for rapid takeover.

Many industrial companies have adopted Assystem's methods in order to guarantee the safety of their industrial investments and control their time-to-market.

testing commissioning

Shutdowns supervision

During the life cycle of the installations, some " shutdown " phases are necessary in order to carry out maintenance operations or to integrate new equipment. Managing shutdowns is crucial to ensure the continuity of service for industrial companies. The financial stakes can be immense, as shutdowns can lead to the shutdown of production equipment. The cornerstone of shutdowns is accurate planning and control of recovery operations.

Assystem offers a set of methodologies and tools to supervise and secure shutdowns.

Shutdown supervision

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