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The dizzying array of technical, regulatory, contractual and environmental requirements make projects increasingly complex and difficult to manage, meaning a robust process is essential for proper oversight and risk management.

In addition to these requirements, competition continues to increase, meaning "time-to-market" must be as short as possible. Whether it be the financial profitability demanded by shareholders or the decreasing availability of public funding, companies must provide stakeholders with reporting that demonstrates proper project management with complete transparency.

With PMO (Project Management Office), a suite of processes, methods and decision-making tools, you'll always know the status of your projects and be able to anticipate change (budgets, lead times, resources, etc.).

Although project management methodologies are no longer a mystery, new approaches (Earn Value Management, integration of 3D design tools, etc.) push forward project management, with an increasing emphasis on industrial performance management.


Our Approach

For the past 50 years, Assystem has been managing large-scale, complex projects with highly demanding work environments and safety requirements in a wide range of sectors, such as the nuclear industry, rail transport, the pharmaceutical industry and defence.

We assist our clients with their operational project management, increasing their expertise, flexibility and competitiveness. All areas of project management (structuring, lead times, costs, risks, resources, etc.) are covered by our missions.

Our specialists provide assistance in all project phases (R&D, feasibility, preliminary project studies, design, production, tests, maintenance, dismantling, etc.) in order give our clients a clear picture in real-time of the project status so that they can anticipate any potential problems and meet their goals.

Assystem offers a comprehensive range of services: pre-project coordination recommendations, audits, procurement of human resources and technical means, integration of information systems for project management, change management, deployment and training.

Our assets


Management of complex projects

Our expertise in project coordination is based on many years of operational feedback and capitalisation on the knowledge we've gained in complex work environments subject to strict regulations.


Management of work teams and human resources

The human dimension is at the heart of our processes in order to bring everyone on board, raise awareness regarding responsibilities, improve communication, properly manage change and coordinate all the participants.

sites industriels

Multiple-sector expertise

Our expertise in highly demanding sectors such as energy, life sciences, defense or transportation provides us with knowledge in industrial processes, infrastructures and normative and regulatory frameworks.


Independent from technology

Independent from technology providers and market Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions providers

Our solutions


Operational assistance: to help you manage your projects

For costs, lead times, risks, contracts, resources, quality, content, communication, etc. in technical support, platform interface set up or as a service centre.


Project Management Information Systems (PMIS): to ensure the smooth integration of your tools

Assistance in decision-making, the definition of management rules and parameters, test performance, deployment, training and change management.


Scheduling, Construction Management and Coordination (SCMC): to help you with your construction projects

Planning, phasing, contracts, coordination, closing out reservations.


Consulting and training: to help you increase your skills levels

Definition of processes and organisational set-up, PMO implementation, training, change management, audits, etc.


Project management Nuclear

PMO for a nuclear power plant construction project in United Kingdom

PMO pour centrale nucléaire
Project management Nuclear

PMO for an EPR nuclear power plant

PMO délais - construction ligne ferroviaire
Project management Transportation

PMO scheduling for a high-speed train line construction project

outils digitaux réseau de transport public
Project management Transportation

Project management, digital tools for a public transport network

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