A solution for optimising and increasing the reliability of complex plannings, making it possible to manage resources and constraints effectively and to support decision making.


Managing complex industrial infrastructures from construction to dismantling, including maintenance and operation, requires precise planning of works and activities, while coordinating the intervention of numerous actors and stakeholders in the project, with the use of resources that are often constrained (materials, time, budget, etc).

These complex projects can involve hundreds or even thousands of activities and interfaces to be managed, generating uncertainties in terms of planning, cost and quality of execution.

The major challenge is therefore to achieve the best possible planning and to control it while remaining agile regarding the uncertainties of any complex project.

Our solution

Optimizio is based on the latest AI technology. Our solution optimises the total duration of projects and thus reduces deadlines, adapts to a wide variety of constraints, enables dynamic planning that adapts to uncertainties once the project has started, provides relevant decision support tools and manages complex project schedules with a large number of actors and activities.

Use case

  • Engineering sequences
    Construction or dismantling of complex installations
  • Unit shutdowns
  • Maintenance management (CMMS)
  • Industrial asset management

Client benefits

  • Reduction of inconsistencies or conflicts between tasks
    Flexibility and simplicity of analysis when input data changes
  • Improved data visibility with the integration of KPIs (graphs showing milestone deadlines, scalable Gantt planning, etc.)
  • Decision support for planning and contingency management


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