Artificial intelligence solution for human resources, to source and map skills.

Context & issues

HR teams today often work on time-consuming tasks such as sourcing via social networks or constructing skills maps, taking time away from more value- add tasks such as relationship
building and recruitment strategy.

The search for CVs also concerns sales representatives who have to compile dossiers in response to tenders. However, this task often has to be carried out in urgently owing to the response deadlines requested.

In the digital age, turning to data science solutions is a necessary approach to proving human resource management.

the solution

A fluid, ergonomic and efficient Assystem solution, Emoby offers a new approach that aims to bring human resources closer to technical needs. It is based on the analysis of data (CVs, job descriptions, skills maps, etc.) supported by artificial intelligence algorithms that allow human resources professionals to:

  • Carry out intelligent and automatic searches in different CV databases
  • Analyse raw documentation in various formats (Word, PDF, etc.) via semantic analysis
  • Use additional data (metadata) to filter searches according to certain criteria (location, experience, etc.)
  • Generate skills maps, dynamically and automatically

Emoby can be designed and deployed as a proprietary application in terms of CV databases, filtering metadata and user experience.

Use case

  • Intelligent search of profiles from a raw textual database (CVs, job description,...)
  • Projection of CVs on skills and job maps
  • Assistance in responding to tenders to find the right profile

Client benefits

  • Reduces of repetitive and low value-add activities
  • Saves time searching for CVs and profiles to include in tender responses
  • Dynamic generation of skills and job maps
  • Secure and controlled access to part of its CVs to enable clients to search directly for profiles to be staffed, without human intervention
  • Adaptation to the client's specific requirements: confidentiality, data protection (GDRP), etc.

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