Context and challenges

This client a major player in the equipment and systems industries. It operates in various areas such as aeronautics, defence and security. One of its subsidiaries designs and develops systems and equipment ensuring airspace security in the military and civil areas. One of its centres is in charge of developing, industrialising, producing and repairing electronic modules for military radars.

Context of the mission:

  • Planned workload: the objective is to prepare an overview of the ongoing and future projects in order to anticipate human resources needs.
  • Follow-up of the recurring costs: necessity for the client to have a financial follow-up and improving it.
  • Management of a work package: order of 4 modules, need to structure, plan, monitor the project and provide a reporting to the client.

In this context, the client appointed Assystem, expert in project management, to manage these 3 project scopes.

Project scope

  • Updating of the recurring production related to the client competencies centre under primavera (following the IFRS15 accounting standard)
  • Checking comprehensiveness of primavera data following organisational change
  • Structuring and scheduling of some projects in accordance with project managers (WPM – work package managers) and according to the technical baseline
  • Support the WPM in the analysis of project spending and costs input according to IFRS15
  • Estimated costs input, participation in progress reviews, costs analysis and consolidation
  • Primavera training of a few users

Client benefits

  • Costs savings thanks to the financial follow-up of each project as well as the deployment of tools enabling to improve follow-up efficiency
  • Progressive autonomy of client teams on Primavera thanks to training aimed at improving teams competencies
  • Improving the planned workload efficiency thanks to a detailed analysis of projects costs
  • Reducing and anticipating potential data losses linked to organisational changes due to setting up adapted materials (procedures, operating methods)


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