As part of a national plan to create new penitentiary facilities, a project to design and build a centre for supporting people on their way out has been initiated. This penitentiary facility will contain 120 places, including 30 in a semi-liberty section.

This project requires the monitoring of the design studies, the works and the guarantee of perfect completion of the design, construction and fitting-out contract.

In this context, a public establishment mandated Assystem to carry out the follow-up of a consortium of design and realization in PMC framework. Thus, within the framework of the implementation of this real estate program, the client associated the services of Assystem (agent) and its partners* for the realization of a Technical Assistance to the Project owner.

*ARP-ASTRANCE (programmer), ANTEA (Environmental engineering), THEOREME (advice in exploitation-maintenance) and ALHYANGE Acoustics (acoustic and vibratory engineering)

Project scope

  • Analysis of compliance with the technical programme
  • Analysis of the schedule aspects
  • Follow-up of the works
  • Analysis of the sustainable development and environmental aspects
  • Analysis of the operation and maintenance aspect
  • Monitoring of programme modifications during the design and construction phases
  • Quality control of the project

This mission required the following skills:

Project management, construction economics, planning & scheduling and technical expertise in all technical fields:

  • Hydrogeology, pollution control, environmental development, landscaping, fauna and flora,
  • Civil engineering, structures, foundations, fluids, climatic engineering, finishing work, roadworks, thermal performance (RT & STD),
  • Safety/security (passive & active), fire safety, acoustics, kitchen, laundry, furniture, signage, operation and maintenance.

Expected client benefits

  • Ensuring that the programme's performance, such as compliance with the schedule, is achieved by controlling the quality of the work and the achievement of the required performance
  • Controlling the project by advising the project owner with project management tools and methods and by offering the necessary technical expertise
  • Assistance in managing external interfaces for the smooth running of the operation (administration, construction players, concessionaires, administrative authorities)


  • 5000
    sqm of surface
  • 120
  • 2023
    facility opening


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