The client, a public establishment in the defence sector, is in charge of the modernisation of the electricity networks of a military harbour.

This public entity has competencies in terms of construction, property maintenance, administrative and technical management of assets on behalf of a ministry.

In line with redesign operations already launched, the project to modernise the electricity networks includes the following operations:

  • The creation of 5 50Hz and 3 60Hz HV loops
  • The creation or adaptation of HV/LV stations distributed over these loops (80 stations)
  • The finalization of a power source (HTB/HTA part)
  • Extension of the control system to new installations
  • The creation of a new rescue centre
  • Removal of replaced installations

In this context, the client has mandated Assystem to work on the redesign of the HV electrical distribution system in the military harbour as part of a global project management.

Project Scope

Assystem is responsible for all the project management tasks of the project, from design to realisation:

  • Design and implementation follow-up (Diagnostic, Feasibility Study, Draft/Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Project, Tendering, Support for the granting of Works Contracts, Visa, Management of Works Contracts Performance, Assistance with Acceptance Operations, Perfect Completion Guarantee)
  • Project management / PMO (Contract, Planning, Costs)
  • Implementation of a systems engineering approach

This project management mission covers the following skills: complex project management in a constrained environment, HV/LV (High Voltage - Low Voltage) electricity - instrumentation and control systems, cyber defence (management of the certification process), nuclear safety and operational safety, civil engineering, structure and RMN (Roads and Miscellaneous Networks), HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) - Fluids, lightning studies, fire safety / Coordination of Fire Safety Systems, environmental issues.

Client benefits

  • Fast launching, good understanding of the client's unexpressed elements, removal of any uncertainties that may remain during the first few years of the project thanks to a good knowledge of the client's methodologies and needs
  • Continuity of operation despite the works (design and follow-up of operations)
  • Standardization of processes, improvement of project management performance
  • Anticipating risks by implementing system engineering methods in the early stages of the project


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