A Ministry of the French Republic had a project to regroup several of its services on a single site. A Public Private Partnership was signed for the design, construction, renovation of the buildings, the financing of the investment, the installation of the ICS (Information and Communication Systems), the networks and the individual computer stations, the maintenance of the site in operational condition and the provision of associated services (catering, security, cleaning, accommodation, etc.).

It was necessary to regroup the headquarters and central services of this ministry on a single site and to integrate the following elements:

  • Modernisation within the framework of the French General Review of Public Policies (RGPP) of 2007
  • Better governance of the Ministry
  • Financial rationality and reduction of space
  • Constrained technical context (service continuity, VIP transfer, international crises)
  • Organisation of a project stakeholder not fixed at the start and multiple interlocutors

In this context, Assystem was mandated by a public entity in charge of these projects for a mission of site protection (SPC) and project management within the framework of the transfer of staff within a Management Consultancy (PMC) assistance.


As part of the project management operated by a major player in the defence sector, Assystem was responsible for the SPC (Scheduling, Piloting & Coordinating) of all the information and communication systems as well as all the security systems of the site and the engineering of the transfer of the 9,000 people of the Ministry.

Technical scope: complex project management, low voltage, roads, networks and miscellaneous, buildings, security

In the framework of a PMC, Assystem also intervened and carried out all of the ministry's internal coordination functions. This included the following elements:

  • Management plan
  • Relocation strategy
  • Forward planning
  • Communication plan and seminars
  • Staff database
  • Volume of the operation
  • Action plans on the sites being vacated
  • Project management with regard to the ministerial committees
  • Planning & steering of the implementation

Dimensioning elements

  • 12 sites to group
  • 420,000 sqm of buildings :
    • 145,000 sqm new construction
    • 185,000 sqm to be renovated
    • 90,000 sqm in rental properties
  • More than 9,000 people move
  • Transfer of 3 nurseries, 1 swimming pool, 2 restaurants, 1 medical centre, 1 media centre, 80 video-conference systems, 15,000 PCs, 10,000 phones, nearly 200 television screens


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