Climate change issues are leading many French players to undertake ambitious wind farm projects, including the construction of conversion stations at connection points. These connections will convert direct current from the wind turbines (High Voltage Direct Current - HVDC) into alternating current on the national grid (High-Voltage Alternating Current - HVAC).

As part of a Owner Engineering contract for this construction programme, the client has appointed a consortium of companies including Assystem as lead contractor to guarantee:

  • The expected technical and regulatory performances
  • Harmonious architectural and landscaping integration
  • Eco-design and environmental protection procedures


Contribution to the construction programmes for the converter station on land, including:

  • technical and regulatory feasibility studies of the station
  • engineering technical files presenting the stations in their surrounding environments
  • architectural sketches
  • Ecodesign recommendations, landscape integrations, environmental considerations


Additional scope: 

  • Wetland conservation studies
  • Acoustic and visual impacts mitigations studies
  • Interfaces with HVDC and HVAC links
  • Drafting specifications of civil works
  • Engineering and infrastructures for the sites

Client benefits

HVDC/HVAC conversion stations cover an area of 7 to 12 acres and consist of:

  • HVDC connection structures (320kV)
  • One or more buildings necessary for the HVDC/HVAC conversion process and operations and maintenance
  • single-phase transformers and their ancillary equipment
  • Very high tension outdoor equipment for connections to existing 400kV substations
  • Roads and networks facilities (tracks, fences, ponds, etc.)

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