Our client is responsible for the design and construction of a 200 km long automatic metro network, mostly underground, spread over 5 lines, 68 stations and 5 maintenance sites. It will open up the areas around Paris, linking the major strategic centres of the Ile-de-France region and providing a link with the capital city.

The client's Sustainable Development Department ("SDD") ensures that environmental issues are integrated into projects and leads the company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach. In the environmental field, it carries out tasks relating to the application of regulations and provides technical expertise.

The client's Sustainable Development Department has commissioned Assystem to support it in its sustainable development issues.


This Owner Engineering contract, carried out in collaboration with our partner, is at the heart of the environmental challenges of the project. The scope of this framework agreement is divided into two parts:

The line missions (the infrastructure maintenance and storage sites - SMI, SMR - and associated operating centre) and the cross-cutting missions for the entire project under the project management of the client.

According to this perimeter, our activities are divided into several themes (management of excavated material, ecological and forestry compensation in favour of biodiversity, CSR approach and carbon footprint).

The carbon footprint mission covers the following activities:

  • Collecting & centralising data from groups of works companies
  • Check the reliability and consistency of the analysis work
  • Improve environmental reporting
  • Carbon accounting according to the ADEME method and regulatory obligations (SCOPE 1, 2 & 3)
  • Establishment of a greenhouse gas reduction action plan in accordance with the client's environmental strategy (objective -25% by 2030)
  • Monitoring the projection of GHG emissions (forecast vs. actual)

Client benefits

  • First drafting of the client's 2020 carbon footprint report, in accordance with the "Bilan Carbone" association's methodological guide "Method for carrying out greenhouse gas emissions assessments".
  • Provision of an exhaustive analysis of the spoil production of the project, which made it possible to qualify the interest of the projects with regard to the spoil recovery optimisation plan and thus to reduce the client's expenses.

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