The client was awarded the contract to develop and operate an international indian airport for next 40 years for growing traffic demand. This includes exploitation of the commercial activities on landside of the airport in an efficient manner.

Airport development plan encompasses the following:

  • Landside transport infrastructure including development of the airside road networks for project traffic, parking layout, and metro connectivity to airport
  • Drainage system including grading plan on airside and landside, drainage networks and outfalls, rainwater harvesting
  • Utility development including integrated utility development for the airside and landside power distribution network, IT & telecom, firefighting system, potable and non potable water supply, irrigation network, sewage collection and treatment, solid waste management, piped gas distribution etc..

Project Scope

In this context, Assystem has been commissioned to preparation of phase-wise master, concept planning, schematic design, quantity and cost estimation, and tender documentation for:

  • Transport infrastructure, including review of traffic analysis, traffic simulation, lane configuration, road profile, Pavement design, street/ area lighting
  • Drainage work including catchment land usage analysis, rainfall data analysis, grading plan, runoff estimation, hydraulic modelling of drainage networks, design of culverts, outfall, rainwater harvesting ponds/tanks for surface runoff and roof water
  • Integrated utility including phase wise demand estimation for power, potable & non potable water, IT & Telecom, irrigation water, estimation of generation of wastewater, solid waste
  • Design of electrical sub stations and networks
  • Water treatment plant & hydraulic modelling of water networks
  • Sewer network, including modelling & design of pumping stations and sewage treatment plant (to meet reuse standards) and automation of utility plants
  • Design of IT and telecom networks
  • Firefighting system
  • Solid waste management system design


  • Trusted services, backed by a strong experience in similar large-scale projects
  • Supported the client in achieving their ultimate goal of zero waste for 100% sustainability by
    • Harvesting rainwater from roof and surface runoff
    • Reuse of water for toilet flushing and landscape irrigation
    • Composting of organic solid waste and use as fertilizer for garden
    • Harnessing of solar energy
  • Use of BIM for utility clash analysis while developing the integrated utility corridor
  • Use of advanced and dedicated softwares: Hydraulic modelling using WaterGEM for water network, sewer network and drainage with SewerGEM, and ETABs for electrical

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