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The growing complexity of infrastructure projects makes digital technology a real opportunity to optimise their progress, costs, and timescales. To this end, we are offering our customers a complete project management digitalisation service, focusing on 4 key priorities:

  1. Consulting experts (listening and audit)
  2. Proven methodologies for implementation (strategy and modelling)
  3. Support for the integration and urbanisation of information systems (system design and deployment)
  4. Change management (support and training)


Our data-centric approach is based on 3 pillars:

A proven methodology based on flexible implementation

Extensive expertise based on numerous projects and programmes

Specialist teams ready to deliver fast and efficient solutions


Combining our digital and project management expertise, we offer our customers a PMO (Project Management Office) digital transformation solution. Our solutions for digitalising PMOs are designed to give organisations back responsibility and control over their management. The flexibility of our offers makes this adaptable to different sizes, methodologies and types of projects or programmes:

  • Consultancy: developing requirements, deployment, training, operation
  • Integrated Programme, Project Controls, Information Systems urbanisation: Single Source of Truth, software expertise, configuration, settings, development, migration...
  • Tiered system administration services: partial or total maintenance of tools
  • Integrated Change Management and training for a collaborative work environment
  • Digital PMO deployment: design and deployment of digital PMO, data management and visualisation, ‘Digital Factory’ methodology
  • IT Project Management: agility, V-cycle
  • Reporting Dashboards and Systems Integration: automated data reporting, data pipeline

Our offer combines PMO and Project Management Integrated Systems (PMIS) to deliver added value; it is based on the combination of our information systems services, our business processes and our significant experience.

Our approach is based on:

Strong partnerships with the market's leading software vendors, either integrated software packages or complementary project management solutions

A knowledge of the various standards to bring even more value to your projects (Assystem is certified Project Management Institute and SAFe)

Find out how digital PMO accelerates project productivity and enhances performance:


  • Intelligence, centralisation, and traceability of data to facilitate decision-making, speed up processes, improve investor/client/stakeholder confidence and boost productivity
  • Monitoring and reporting from the earliest stages, ensuring the project is scoped and tracked in real time (production of key indicators, forecasts, and reports) until delivery
  • Change management and coaching to ensure all stakeholders are on board and working together
  • Development and deployment of solutions (Build): flexible design, integration, testing for fully customised or ‘off the shelf’ delivery
  • Support and operation to ensure smooth, operational handling of the environments deployed
  • Reduction of delivery risk by streamlining complex project and programme management processes
  • PMO, and project staff productivity improvements through automation of manual tasks

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