Context and challenges

This client, a major player in the nuclear industry, owns several plants. One of its sites includes two activities:

  • The transformation of uranium into fuel assemblies for electricity production reactors
  • The production of fuel elements for research centers and universities (50 reactors in the world)

The project consisted of renovating the current building of research fuel production and to build a new building, in order to comply with current safety standards.

This was a strategic project for this client, followed by the highest steering committees of this group.

In this context, this client requested that Assystem perform a Project Management Office (PMO) and Global Risk Management (GRM).


This mission was conducted in two phases:

  • The first phase was dedicated to analysing project management methods (PMO) to adapt to existing processes and the recommendation of complementary methods to be implemented
  • The second phase included the operational PMO and GRM (Global Risk Management) support to the large projects departments :
    - Preparation of support documents (PMP: Project Management Professional - WBS: Work Breakdown Structure, Organisation charts, etc.)
    - Reviews and reporting structuring, definition of indicators
    - Provision of management tools (risks management, action plans, costs monitoring, visual management, etc.)
    - Risks reviews
  • Management of several large projects (routines, support documents, reporting, filing plans, servers,…)

Client Benefits

  • Construction optimisation thanks to a risk management approach, in particular with the set up of risk reviews that have become essential in the project progress and adopted by the client (12 plenary risk reviews, bi-monthly process in place), allowing to avoid design risks at the end of detailed design
  • Better integration of relevant stakeholders and improvement of coordination activities thanks to setting up of common working meetings
  • Improvement of procedures and organisations thanks to the standardisation of prevailing practices on site (project process implementation)

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