This project concerns the construction of sections of a new rail line which runs between London Euston and Birmingham. This project is a state-of-the-art, high-speed line critical for the UK’s low carbon transport future. The project was facing issues as there was a considerable amount of change in design which led to misalignment between scope, schedule and price.

To support main works project, Assystem was commissioned to the establishment of an industry leading planning & project controls function including the implementation of 5D BIM solution integrating scope, schedule and cost. We also developed comprehensive data management including data warehousing and reporting solutions across the project controls function. 

This project won an innovation contest in 2019 and was championed by our client as industry best practice to the other contractors.


Assystem’s initial scope was to design and establish the planning & project controls function. After an initial period of requirements gathering, we produced a detailed implementation plan. We were then charged with creating all planning & performance management processes, selection and implementation of the relevant tools and systems and resourcing the team.

  • Development of a comprehensive business intelligence dashboard for producing on-demand reports without the need for manual data processing
  • Trained and upskilled client staff on using a range of new technologies
  • Definition of user roles and access rights through cloud-hosting of the 5D BIM solution on our LogiCloud platform
  • In preparation for the implementation of an integrated 5D BIM-based solution Assystem worked with the client to link data structures, including Asset Allocation Structures (ABS), Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) and Cost Breakdown Structures (CBS)
  • Manage and report large data sets with tens of millions of records from the core Controls and 5D BIM system to report performance
  • Introduce Lean Management and Last Planner to increase efficiency in processes by eliminating waste, and optimising in accordance with the goals and requirements stipulated by the client

Client benefits

  • Facilitate consistent, accurate, efficient, timely and targeted reporting to provide all stakeholders with the right information at the right time to facilitate decision making
  • Validation of critical work sequences with 4/5D simulations
  • Improvement of existing planning, control and BIM processes
  • Ensuring high levels of data security & privacy and accessibility around the clock
  • Helping better monitor the project and give stakeholders the right information at the right time to ease decision-making.

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